Jupiter – Infrared & L-Enhanced

Nikon Z6 | TeleVue Powermate 5 | Video shot in monochrome

I have really enjoyed shooting in monochrome and combining RGB filtered images together to create a full color image, however, before I figured out how to do all that (yes, it hasn’t been that long!) I was trying different things with my different filters, shooting in both color and monochrome. Obviously, now at least, to me, monochrome is the way to go. The details that these two very different filters are amazing and unique, and I really like taking shots like this!

Moon – 8-28-2020

I’m really enjoying using the Nikon CoolPix P950 for my “everyday” moon shots. No telescope to take out and set up, just a tripod, get 10-20 shots, take some dark frames then stack and process. The camera itself is essentially a small telescope, though this is about as close in as you can get it. There is some digital zoom but on manual I don’t think it will let me use it, plus I prefer it this way anyways.

Moon – 8-28-2020 – 642 BP IR Filter

10″ Dobsonian | Nikon Z6 | 2x Barlow | Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP IR-Pass Filter

Taken in monochrome and processed in Photoshop. I really liked howthese came out. Taking quickly while I was also planning on testing other filters and methods, I know if I focused on this filter alone I could get some really good data. Once the moon is visible early enough at night, I plan on going back and taking more shots with this filter. Both the Tycho and Copernicus craters came out really well.

Little Compton, RI – Labor Day 2020 Trip

Jupiter, Saturn & The Milky Way

I had the opportunity to be down in Little Compton, RI under Bortle 4 skies and was able to get a few wide angle shots before the Moon came up and washed everything out. My planetary work, except for Mars, all came out off.

Nikon Z6 – used both a 10mm and a 35mm lens. Exposure and aperture varied, ISO at 1600.

Jupiter – In IR (and Normal)

Jupiter – ProPlanet 642 IR filter – 8/25/20

Not super spectacular, but it was my first attempt to image Jupiter in infrared. 10″ Dobsonian (1200 / f5) with Nikon Z6 and TeleVue Powermate 5 (5x Barlow)

As promised, some normal shots using the Z6 with a Baader Skyglow filter and the Powermate 5. I really liked how these came out, especially when compared to the ones I have taken with eyepiece projection. Note, to get a bigger image I have been shooting in DX (cropper) sensor mode instead of FX at 1080p /30fps… however…

These were taken in in 4k in FX sensor mode and they came out alright. Seeing was not so great. Hopefully before Jupiter gets too low to image I will be able to try both the DX/1080p and the FX/4k with better seeing.

Lastly, here is some in DX / 1080p / 30fps.

Note: All video taken is converted in PIPP, stacked in AutoStakkert and then processed (wavelets, gamma, image rotation) in Registax. Some images have some final touches in Photoshop but I try to avoid Photoshop for Jupiter because i really have no clue what I am doing.

This will most likely close out my posts of Jupiter of shots taken in August (unless of course I get something truly spectacular).

Moon & Mars Conjunction

Stepped outside to take a few shots of the moon for stacking and noticed Mars was really close to the Moon! I totally forgot about the conjunction tonight (usually when something like this happens it is either too late, too cloudy or both!). I was able to fit in both the Moon and Mars at 2000mm with my Nikon CoolPix P950.

Nikon CoolPix P950, 1/500s, f/6.5, 400 ISO, stack of 5 frames (no darks, flats or biases). Stacked in AutoStakkert and processed in Photoshop.

Moon – Nikon P950 – 8/25/2020

A little over a week ago I posted some pictures of the Moon from this day that I had taken from the Nikon D610 through the telescope, and I had included one final process from the Nikon P950 in that post. Here are all the final processes I did from the Nikon P950. All from the same stack.

M31 (Andromeda) & Surrounding Sky

Taken with Nikon P950
#1 – 400mm, 1s exp, 3200 ISO
#2 – 135mm, 1.3s exp, 3200 ISO
#2 – 200mm, 1s exp, 3100 ISO
I took roughly 300 frames for the 135, 200 for the 200 and just over 100 on the 400mm. The 400mm is my best one as well as favorite. I can prob take the time to go back through and get rid of really bad light frames for the 135 & 200. This is my first time ever knowingly getting M31 in a picture. So as bad as they are I’m srill proud of myself 🙂 All these taken in Providence, RI under Bortle 8 skies. Stacked and processed in Siril.

Summer Sky – 2020

Schedar / Gamma Cassiopeia – Cassiopeia

Messier 103 & NGC 457 are barely visible in lower mid left of image

Schedar & Caph - Cassiopeia
Schedar & Caph – Cassiopeia

Almach – Andromeda

Located just below the Andromeda Galaxy while in the Eastern sky

Alpheratz – Andromeda

Fomalhaut – Piscis Austrinus


Nikon P950 | 185mm | 2s exp.| 3200 ISO | f4.5

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