Exposure :)

Now, I see that I am also listed on the CEC Home Website (http://www.cechome.com). Truly an honor and a privilege! First, let me thank everyone for their prayers and support of my dad and mom, it really means a lot to them and to all the kids. Everyone is doing great. Josiah and Hannah are helping mom at home as always, dad is starting to actually speak (still not understandable – but  better then he was) to include praying the Confession and the Our Father. Me and Jake are at UGA – his second semester here, my first. We got our place to live with no problem, and also got all of our classes with little difficulty. Anyways, I do not want to ramble – on my site, I will be listing some things I have written – some good, most, probably in error, some astronomy photos that I have and will take through my telescope, as well as some nonsense from school – i.e. the philosophy questions, etc. Thanks for your time!


3 thoughts on “Exposure :)

  1. It is strange to be told you are on the blogroll at CEChome, isn’t it? I pray for your father and mother daily. Take care.

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