Poetry – a new poem


The air surrounds,
as the moon chases the sun,
and I drown within the water.
Does the angel exist?
I dare not say,
either way I am,
to be and to live,
within this tornado of dreams,
within the hurrican,
I long for the eye,
I long for the storm to pass.
I cause alittle,
I bleed within,
diligence is not my trait,
only a fool,
yet, I remain in my silence.
I grip the air,
riding like a wave,
as a cloud catches me,
and I no longer sink.


One thought on “Poetry – a new poem

  1. Of course the angel exists….

    I like this one – it’s a perfect representation of where you are right now. In the midst of the hurricane and you know you will be rescued.

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