New Apologetics

I have posted a new apologetics page. It is something I wrote early last year, and it has corrections and commentary from Fr. Michael Birdsong (my “big” brother and mentor… God help us all).

Please comment, thanks!

2 thoughts on “New Apologetics

  1. I notice your spell check works here, at least better than elsewhere on the net. πŸ™‚ I like your page and your comments. I would love to have a set of your eclipse photos. Did you get more than you posted here? It was a completely cloudless sky in Saint Louis, but alas, I couldn’t locate my tripod. 😦

    Mike Baldwin

  2. I got some more, I just have to clean them up… send me your email and I can send them to you. Yeah, my spell checker works better here… or rather I type slower… or, I dont know lol

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