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Political Observations

Okay, like most typical Americans who are in college, or who have college degrees – no offense against those who don’t – I like to keep up with the political situation, especially during a critical election year… that is not to say that every election year is critical… but, not to jump ahead… observations:

#1. This is a critical election year…
Ok, and when is it not? Seemingly however every election cycle is more critical then the first. So… I guess the very first election cycle this country has ever had is not near enough as important as Clinton’s win in 1992. Or how about Lincoln in 1860? Or FDR… or Reagan… apparently they all pale in comparison to this one. Maybe its because we may have another president from Illinois, and this one is a direct result of the first one we had.

#2. This needs to be an election that brings unity…
Hold on… what? Unity? In politics? That’s not possible. But apparently politicians, particularly democrats, remember sometime from history class where, at least in American politics, there was unity. Okay, the American Revolution… wait, not everyone wanted to fight the British, hell, Georgia was the last colony to agree, and only because they received a promise of aid… then got screwed after the war. Okay then… maybe pre-1800… wait, Federalist and Anti-Federalist… ok, then the Whigs and Democrats, Free-Soil Party… Unionist Party, Secessionist parties, Republicans & Democrats (Ironic its the Republicans who freed the slaves, now “African-Americans” (no such thing… unless you an African citizen – sorry, had to put at least one controversial belief in here, from your resident German-American) hate them, Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave… I mean come on… unity? Democracy is not about unity, its about fighting… so Kudo’s to Senator Clinton (D -NY) for saying she will not back down, its about the only thing I can honestly say I agree with her on. But, seriously… unity? What other democracy in this fair world we live in, has had unity. Britain… nope. France… haha, how bout 12 parties. Germany… thank God for the Christian Democratic Party… yet, still no unity. Russia… ok… I’ll give you that one, but thats because Putin is just a “democratic” Stalin… try telling that guy no, Kasparov did, look what happened to him! So, democracy does not equal unity, never was intended to, never will.

#3. They all have a plan!
Again… BS! No one really has a plan, because none of them really care. They will all take a platform close to their parties ideology, close enough to garner their support, then try to make things happen so they can get re-elected, and then only do things for their own legacy. If anyone truly believes any of those candidates REALLY care – in other words, will be completely honest, truly help the common man if at all possible… you need to get your head out of you a*s (I would have spelled it, but I already got in trouble with hell.)

JZ Holloway


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