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President of the United States… = King Saul???

Okay, since Evangelical and Protestant Christians are so intent on creating a big fuss concerning who becomes the President of the United States, and whether or not he is a godly man or not, here is a question… do modern Presidents act like good ol’ King Saul, the first King of Israel?

The first reaction would be… NO!!! Presidents are not kings. Yet, they are heads of state, therefore, at least according to the Bible, they are appointed by God – kinda puts a damper on your vote huh? Likewise, King Saul, through the prophet Samuel, was appointed by God. In a similar manner, “prophets” – both political and religious… and yes, I put prophets in quotations – “appoint” men and woman as presidents through their endorsements. Don’t believe me? Then why did Pat Robertson endorse Sen. McCain (R – AZ)? Why does the, now “retired,” Rev. Jeremiah Williams endorse Sen. Obama (D – IL), even from the pulpit. Why is it such a big deal if Dr. James Dobson finally comes around and endorses Sen. McCain? Even better… why do men and women, such as Kim Clement focus so much on American Politics, specifically the Presidents approval rating? Pilate’s approval rating never got focused on… and he is still mentioned every Sunday in churches worldwide.

But, going back to the Saul analogy, here’s more. Appointed and Anointed by Samuel as King, Saul becomes the first king of Israel. He receives instructions from God, and goes out. Sadly, he does not listen to God, he spares, in war, the king and his wife… who later came back to haunt Israel – See the Book of Esther. Samuel, outraged, prophesies against him, Saul seeks a seer, God curses Saul, Saul dies. Okay, only a few presidents have been assassinated. But honestly, how many pastors get absolutely outraged when a president “screws” up – i.e. God forbid, signs off on a “liberal” bill, or cannot get the “conservative” judge in place, or hell, goes to war with Iraq… and is still there. Maybe he should have followed God’s advice and commandment to Saul… kill them all… even the cute little sheep. Oh wait… we live in a “modern” age. Thats not politically correct… or PC for short… to inhumane. We must all get along (thanks Rodney!)

As a synopsis… at least since I have been alive – similarities:

Afghanistan: Good ol’ Charlie Wilson. Bit us in the butt in 2001.
Iraq: Bush 41… bit Bush 43 in the Butt, 2003-Present
Bosnia: Clinton 42 (hopefully the last) – bit him in the ****, wait, that was something else… okay, I’ll give him some slack, wasn’t it Wilson who decided to break Europe up to begin with?
Al-Quaeda: Clinton 42 could have taken him out, still biting Bush 43

Now, granted, as Big Brother (mine, not the “fictitious” one) says that the Old Testament was for instruction, the New Testament was for Grace (was = is… but don’t ask Pres. Clinton)… but the question is, if we ever learned our lesson, would we need as much grace?

On a fun note, how many of you Americans out there really know what a liberal and conservative is, or better, the true definition of Left and Right (Hint: contrary to popular belief, the United States is not the ultimate political in the world – see Europe)

JZ Holloway

P.S. I started signing due to some other guy trying to claim my last article.


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