The Moment of Her Beauty Passes

Jared Holloway – 6-23-2008

The moment of her beauty passes,

Yet never fades…

And I wander into the ocean,

Just to find a place_

Where the current of her love does not overwhelm.

I cannot find such a place,

And I drown…

In the moment,

Which is my eternity,

Into the crest of her love.

Her beauty is like the sea,

Powerful, strong,

And yet inviting,

And her smile brings joy to my soul.

Her kiss is like the golden days of old,

And yet rushes me to my future,

In which I find myself,

Hanging in her arms,

And upon her breath.

Her lips like a goblet,

Flowing with honey wine,

As sweet as the dew of the morning.

Her eyes penetrate deep,

Covering the depths of my soul,

And like a raindrop,

She waters my heart,

And it springs forth with growth,

Warmed by her touch.

Her beauty is like the morning,

Her face radiant as the rising sun,

And I lay in fields of gold,

Basking in her warmth.

Her love is like a feast,

For it fills me full,

And I want no more,

For only her love brings me life.


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