The Air Surrounds Me

The air surrounds me,

And yet it chokes me as I breath.

The calm is distant,

Yet I reach,

But for only a touch,

As I sense the darkness overhead.

I long for her voice,

Her words to echo inside,

And yet my fear remains within.

Serenity is my desire,

Yes the peace of her love,

And though I can remember her touch,

Her kiss is far from me.

Her beauty keeps me above the water,

The water that boils and threatens to burn,

And yet there is a pat of me that smiles.

For the remembrance of her embrace,

Just the touch of her hands,

Is enough to sustain me for eternity.

Her kiss is like the wine of God,

And the memory feels me with hope,

As I long for the grace of her lips again.

I do not know her heart,

Though she has spoken of it,

I fear I missed her words.

Though she has shared her soul,

I am afraid that I have misinterpreted the meaning.

To lose her is to die,

Not to myself,

But to the nexus of life itself.

The eternity of the night,

Like unto hell itself,

Laughs at me as I cry,

And yet it does not allow my tears to show.

Seemingly cold I stare,

Across the fields of Hades,

Into the abyss before me,

And as it beckons me,

Her voice reaches me once more,

And I step away.

As a gladiator on the ground,

With the sword of demons at my throat,

I choose not to yield,

And to sweep the blade away once more.

The fear still remains,

For death has sought my life since before my creation,

And yet, I will not yield,

No parley do I seek,

For her love is my only desire.

Gods and goddesses have come before,

But none have severed my resolve.

Both demons and angels it seems_

Laugh at me while I am on the plain,

The fields of Elysium,

And yet I know my heart remains to beat,

And my lungs still carry breath.

Do I feel blessed?

Nay, for Hades greet me with a smile,

But am I cursed?

Again, nay, for Lucifer has no reach upon me.

However I remain in the fields of blood,

And yet, a hint of gold reaches my eye.

Athena reaches out to me,

As Aphrodite offers an apple,

And as Eve did with Adam,

And yet I know my desire,

For her beauty is as Helen,

And her radiance even more so the Troy,

For all the gold of the gods cannot come close to her worth.

This Helen of mine is my love,

And as Paris stole her heart over the sea,

I long for her to allow herself_

To be captured once again.

Achilles himself cannot keep me away,

And though at times I am weak,

The very thought of her gives me strength.

I long for her to know my love,

To feel my heart and soul,

And see the truth within my eyes.

I long for the day of rescue,

For her hand to come down from the heavens,

And pluck my life away,

Away from the darkness,

And to fade within her eyes.


5 thoughts on “The Air Surrounds Me

  1. Very good Jared. Allow the truth in your writings to become vocal with the persons you write about. In other words I agree with #3.

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