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Changes… :)

I’ve made a couple of changes on the blog… all dealing with the “Pages” section at the top of the page. First, I put together all of the Apologetics stuff and all of the Poetry stuff on one page each. Next, I have added The Moon and Constellation pages, in which I have posted some of my favorite pictures of both. I will add to them.

Also, I have changed my Links on the right side of my page. All of the links under the Astronomy heading are “official” astronomy links, under friends I have placed peoples blogs and web pages which I faithfully check, especially Andrew’s (Above the clouds) and Bob’s (Blackholes and Astrostuff) pages. I also include a link to Covington Innovations – which is the official web page for Dr. Michael Covington, a professor at the University of Georgia, who has been a great help in getting my astrophotography stuff in order. I would also like ot thank Dr. Maurice Snook, formally of UGA who has also helped me, as of yet, as far as I know, he does not have a web page of his on. Also, thanks to Fr. Mike Birdsong, aka Big Bro, who is so much of a big brother to me it can be ridiculous sometimes! Just kidding!

Lastly, I took off the links concerning the Charismatic Episcopal Church, not because I am no longer a member – I am, but because of the controversial nature of some of my apologetic and philosophical discussions and posts. The CEC’s web page can still be found at http://www.iccec.org, and the CEC News website is still http://www.cechome.com.

It is cloudy tonight, so probably no new pictures, but new ones will be available soon!

Thanks so much to everyone who has visited and commented! Please keep the comments coming!

Jared Holloway


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