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American Politics – The Revolution Continues…

Just a thought to ponder, instead of looking at the American political system, or any democratic system for that matter, as a simple (or complex) organism that we simply take for granted, look at it as the American Revolution continues. However, instead of guns, knives and bayonets, we use words, we use lies, truths, slander, policies, and so forth and so on.

The fight for political change is not a new one for the United States. It began in the earliest stages of the Colonial Era, continued through 1776, was fought in earnest before the turn of the 18th Century, carried on until we fought again with guns and knives in the 1860’s. After that, wars were fought, the American message of “freedom” was spread thoughout the Americas, and the revolution was continued with the Populist, the Progressives, then with the Dixiecrats, Democrats and Republicans, and it even continues today, we have Neo-Cons, old-cons, (decepticons), liberal dems, moderates, independents (my favorite… I just think they cannot make up their minds), right-wing, left wing, etc, etc, etc. Funny, it seems we are not a far cry from our Federalists/Anti-Federalists roots.

I guess my point in all of this is simple… if you expect to have a chance to win a piece of this continuing revolution we call the American political system, expect to get your nose bloodied, expect to get shot, and even, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dead (politically speaking of course.) Don’t bitch and complain when you are attacked, attack right back. At the same time, stcik to the issues, stick to yout beliefs, stick to why you believe that everyone else should believe that you should be the next President of the United States. Don’t hide behind a celebrity, or your own celebrity, step up to the podium, and don’t be afraid to open your mouth, unless of course you have nothing really to say at all, then I’d say, go the hell home.

Attacks and fighting, debates, even getting hit in the head with a cane, or a duel for that matter, would not be seen a a disgrace to the likes of Washingto, Jefferson, Madison, but hiding behind smoke screens, and running away from the issues and real talk would be.

JZ Holloway


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