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Jesus… a rebel?

Over the past month, I have had multiple professors claim that Jesus… Christ, the Messiah, the son of Mary and Joseph, etc etc etc, was a rebel against the Roman Empire. They claim to have historical proof. Now… I am a history and Religion major, and though I do not know everything… thank God… I am pretty sure, in fact, 100% damn freaking positive that Jesus was not a rebel against the Roman Empire. First… and my major point, “Render unto Caesars what is Caesars,” etc… and even further, if He was such a revolutionist against Rome, why would Pilate… a Governor of the Emperor… meet with him, in private, and talk “truth,” or rather, veratis with Him.

Granted… the argument, he had a zealot as pat of His twelve… He also had a thief and the one who betrayed Him, He also had a tax collector. So, what does that mean??? Nothing. Jesus only “revolted” against those who used the “religion” of the Hebrew people to exploit them… i.e. the money changers in the Temple, and so forth, as well as those who used the Law to keep the people of God in bondage, which also allowed the Word of God to go out ot the gentiles. So, was Jesus opposed to the Empire of the Roman’s, against the Caesars? No… and that is not why His message spread as fast as it did, it spread due to the truth, the veracity of Hid Words… plus, the Empire which He was supposedly opposed to, helped spread the message.

JZ Holloway


3 thoughts on “Jesus… a rebel?

  1. Jesus was never a rebel. His teachings were; Do not resist injuries, but whoever strikes you on the right cheek turn to him the other as well; and whoever forces you to go one mile,go with him two. Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors. In the beatitudes He teaches; blessed are those who are gentle for they shall inherit the earth, and blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called God’s sons. He also said; do you suppose that I come to annul the law and the prophets? I did not come to annul but to complete. Can such a Man be a rebel, one who came to lay down His life so that anyone, Jew, Greek, Roman, Samaritan and all mankind can be saved.

  2. If by “rebel” you mean someone who disprupts the establishment, then yes, Jesus was a rebel. Usually when we think of rebellion though, we are talking about a person who attempting to establish a new order. If anything, the world had drifted so far away from God’s way that they would not tolerate or even recognize truth even when it was staring them in the eye. You could say that Jesus clarified where the drift away from truth was. So, it was actually the world the rebelled, not Jesus.

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