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Silver and Gold v. Healing… the State of the Economy and more…

This was my response to a response on this article… http://fatherjoe.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/images-statues-and-pictures/#comment-96576 it follows up with some thoughts “I have been having and some preparations I am making for my next possible post.

5 Lady Godless

Father Joe said: “We bend the knee, use incense, and offer adoration to the host. We believe that it has been transformed by God. Non-believers would just say that we are peculiar or touched in the head because we worship stale bread.”

Nah. I’d just say that you were human, and that humans often do things like that. They seem to have a desire to give form to the ineffable or the abstract, so that they can possess it in some way.

Which reminds me. Recently on Wall Street, a group of Evangelical Christians gathered to lay hands on the big bronze bull statue. They wanted the economy — an abstraction made manifest in the graven image of the bull — to receive divine healing and transformation.


Did those people commit idolatry, in your view?

FATHER JOE: One cannot follow both God and Mammon.

on November 12, 2008 at 9:19 pm6 jzholloway

Lady Godless…

When one lays hands on someone, and anoints them with oil… are they committing idolatry? No, they are simple praying for that person. When a priest walks through a house, flinging holy water throughout the rooms, and anointing the doors, is he worshiping the house? No. So therefore, I think the roles, from this, to what happened, i.e. in Deuteronomy are reversed. Instead of worshiping the mammon, they were asking God to bless it and “heal” it. Is this right… whose to say, but is it idolatry, I doubt it. Personally, I believe no one person should be rich, for it distracts us from God, and causes us to look within ourselves and to the world – to me, this is why the Apostles had the community of believers in Acts to sell their possessions and use the money to help each other and those in need… if God intended us to be rich, in my view, Peter and John would have had money when entering into Jerusalem, instead, he used these two to heal a lame man, which is far more precious then the silver or gold the man wanted. The problem is not the economy, the problem is we desire silver and gold over being healed – and not just physical or “spiritual” healing… and that desire has corrupted mankind. Silver and gold… mammon, bring only death and waste, healing brings life.

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