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Abortion, Obama and the Pro-Lifers

Recently, The Most Rev. David Epps, a bishop in the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church ( ICCEC.org, ICCEC News ). The article, though extremely well written, to me still has the ever looming problems that seem to persist in the “pro-life” argument to me. So, I am going to repost the article, entitled “A Washington Road Experience,” and then follow with the questions I had concerning the article.

A Washington Road Experience
by Bishop David Epps

Barack Obama is now the President of the United States of America. It is my commitment and covenant to pray for him, his family, the Vice-President, and all who serve the current administration. It is an historic time in American history. It is also a time of increased danger for the most innocent, vulnerable, and voiceless Americans.

President Obama is the most pro-abortion President ever to hold the office. The House of Representatives and the United States Senate are now under the dominion of pro-abortion leadership. Depending on who retires or dies and when, the Supreme Court could soon fall under that same ideology. Apparently, most of the country doesn’t care.

Roman Catholic voters, representing the most pro-life segment of Christianity in the nation, voted for Mr. Obama to the tune of 54%, according to “The Catholic World Report.” Reports indicate that a large number of Evangelicals, who normally vote a pro-life ticket, also voted for President Obama. Other issues, it seems,—such as the economy and the war—have relegated the abortion question to the back burner. Still, the death toll mounts at a staggering rate of 1.4 million children each year who have their lives ended before ever seeing the light of day.

Mr. Obama has pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which would do away with any and all restrictions on abortion—presumably included would be the current ban on the horrific and barbaric “partial-birth abortion.”

Father Frank Pavone, leader of the Catholic “Priests for Life” organization said on his website, “…the 7,000 or so appointments that will be made by the new President to various positions that influence public policy will be pro-abortion ones, with the only likely exception being the ambassador to the Vatican.” If, on the one hand, Mr. Obama’s election is the fulfillment of a dream proclaiming that racism no longer rules in America, it could also be the beginning of a nightmare for those who hold all life, including the life of the unborn, to be sacred.

It could also, however, be the precursor to a Divine moment. In the Book of Acts, Saul of Tarsus, a religious zealot and Pharisee, was busy persecuting the growing Christian Church. On the road to Damascus, to do additional damage to the believers there, Saul had a dramatic encounter with the risen Christ, an experience that left him shaken and blind. Following Saul’s conversion, healing, and baptism, he began a new life as the Apostle Paul, the greatest evangelist and theologian of the New Testament. The “Damascus Road Experience” transformed him into a mighty force for the Church whose influence continues today.

I do not doubt President Obama’s faith in Christ. I take him to be a man who desires to make a positive difference in the nation and in the world. I will, with God’s help, be faithful to pray for him privately and in the services of worship. But I will also pray, as one man at our church suggested, that Barack Obama have a “Washington Road Experience” that will enable him to see with new eyes the horror and sinfulness of abortion.

I greatly desire for Barack Obama to succeed as President of the United States. I pray that he will be mightily used and that he will be a blessing to this generation and to those that follow. May God richly bless the President. And may God have mercy on the 44 million Americans (and counting) who will never have an opportunity to vote.


Please keep in mind, I will not share the sources for all of the information I will share in these questions, however, much of the information can be found in previous posts I have written concerning abortion and the pro-life movement.

1. The first paragraph states that “It is also a time of increased danger for the most innocent, vulnerable, and voiceless Americans,” However, at this time, the abortion rates are lower then they have ever been, and since Roe. v. Wade, the abortion rates have steadily dropped. Now, I am against abortion, but before abortion was legalized, the abortion rates were higher. The same can be said for virtually every country in the world. Countries like Uganda, where abortion is illegal, have the highest abortion rates, as well has very high HIV/AIDS rates, in the world.

2. “President Obama is the most pro-abortion President ever to hold the office.” How is this so? And if it is, does it really do anything except spread fear and panic. It is obvious is is pro-choice, he has made that clear, just as many democrats have done. First, when President Clinton ran for office, he was the most “pro-abortion,” now its President Obama. The fact is he is pro-choice, whether or not he is the most or not really does not matter, it adds nothing, nor takes away anything, from what the man has already promised to do.

3. “Still, the death toll mounts at a staggering rate of 1.4 million children each year who have their lives ended before ever seeing the light of day.” Is this in the USA, or the World as a whole? Also, as noted before, the majority of abortions to not happen in the USA, or even in “western” or “first-world” countries, but in countries, such as Africa, which are poorer and less developed. Likewise, mopst of the countries have very high HIV/AIDS rates, and have made abortion illegal – though abortions still happen. As a note, the HIV/AIDS rates in Africa, under President Bush, along with the abortion rates, have begun once again to rise. Even though President Bush allocated a lot of money to HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, its most done in the area of abstinence only, which once again has led the area of sex and its consequences into taboo land. This has led to a decrease in sex education, as well as to abortions.

JZ Holloway


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