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Two Articles on Abortion, Pro-life, and the like…

Here are two articles I wrote and posted toward the end of the election cycle last year. I am re-posting them because several people have asked me about these articles, and they could not find them, plus, related to the last post, they contain some source material, as well as other questions that pertain to the last post and its issue. Thanks! Note, a link to the original posts, with the comments from them are listed below, just below them, the articles are also re-posted.
JZ Holloway

Article 1 – Insert [Name] Here… thoughts about contraception, abortion, and the like…

Article 2 – Pro-Life Reality Check – Real or Fake?

Insert [Name] Here… thoughts about contraception, abortion, and the like…

Today, my brother sent me a link which discussed the statistics of abortion rates in countries where abortion is legal – http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/journals/2504499.html. For instance, for every 1000 pregnancies, roughly 2.5% have ended in abortion since Roe v. Wade. Also, in the United States, and other developed countries, birth control methods are available, and abstinence is not the only means of “protection” that is being taught. In other words, even though abortions do occur, the rates are not only low, but have decreased in most developed countries fitting these criteria. In contrast, “In Uganda, where abortion is illegal and sex education programs focus only on abstinence, the estimated abortion rate was 54 per 1,000 women in 2003, more than twice the rate in the United States, 21 per 1,000 in that year.” – http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/12/world/12abortion.html

So, my question is not whether abortion is right or wrong – I believe it is wrong myself, but whether a single minded approach should be made in dealing with pregnancies that are unwanted, etc. Should birth control, and the use of condoms not be considered? Should abstinence be the only way taught?

First, people have been “copulating” since the beginning of time, married, unmarried, extra-marital, pre-marital, post marital, and so on and so on (and so on). Its a historical fact. In fact, the very nature of sexual activity is mandated by God – “Be fruitful and multiply,” and the only way to do that is to have sex (unless your the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary). To tell someone not to have sex is, in essence, telling that person to go against there nature. Now through cultural development, both through the Judaic and Hellenistic codes of culture, the with who, and with how many have slowly, through the course of history, become defined. For example, as Christians, we receive the idea of marriage from the Old Testament. On the other hand, we receive the idea of the number of spouses from the Hellenistic side of things (Greek then eventually Roman). But even with all of the cultural, and even moral growth, the simple fact of the matter is that men and women have sex, and one could argue that a majority of them due, regardless of being married or not.

Now, the point of the article is not to establish proper mating rites, nor to argue the sinfulness of pre-marital sexual relations, but ot make a point that maybe the foundation of those trying to prevent abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and so on, might need to shift slightly. To me, the two biggest arguments against the use of birth control (i.e. pills, condoms, “pulling out,” etc) is that a. it “spills the seed,” and b. that is kills the life that is in the sperm – which of course, goes back to the spilling of the seed. The second argument is that its “playing God,” but to me that side of the argument lacks any foundation due to the fact that once you wake up, you play “god” all day long, freely making choices… freely choosing to sin or not to sin, and therefore lacks any fortitude as an argument, but the spilling the seed, that is were I would like to go.

The argument, simply is, life is in the sperm… generations are held within the sperm, etc. Now, keep in mind, scientifically, there are millions of sperm in a man’s reproductive organ. These sperm do not stay still, in fact, even without intercourse or some other sexual experience, can, and do leave the body, even with out the provocation of the said man in which the sperm reside. So, even without sexual activity, the “seed will spill.” Again, the man, married, along with his wife, decide to try and “make” a baby. So, as men and women due, the try, and try, and try again, but, alas, she does not get pregnant. The sperm, along with the eggs from the female, eventually get flushed from her body… is this killing the seed? Again they try, and to no avail, she still does not get pregnant. Again, flushed. So, they go to the doctor, and they discover she is not able to have kids. So, the dilemma is… now that THEY KNOW they cannot have kids together, is the husband simply “spilling/killing his seed” just to have a pleasurable experience. I mean, they are not having sex to follow the mandate from God to be fruitful and multiply… his seed is dying by the millions each time… so, is this wrong? On the other side… when I man uses a condom… its the same process, the sperm die in the same way (except one is in rubber), or when a woman uses birth control… which most pills do not kill the sperm, they just make the eggs inert… which is possibly the same condition woman mentioned above had… whats the difference? Now, you could argue that in the last mentioned instances, they were preventing a pregnancy for the sake of pleasure… and that the God mandated sex drive is for reproduction, not pleasure, but if thats the case, if one cannot reproduce, then what the point of sex? And if the only point of sex is reproduction, then all sexual activity not for reproduction – married or not – would be sin. And any seed killed by such sexual activity should be considered killed.

Now, I seriously doubt you would consider the fictional married couple to be killing the man’s seed and living in sin… but all I ask you to do is think about it. Abortion is a great atrocity… if not the greatest of our time. We should not be single-minded in our approach to stop these murders, and we should also not be naive and think that people will stop having sex because we tell them to, or show them pictures of venereal diseases, or scare them with AIDs… or even worse, the fires of hell… All people have sinned and fall end short of the glory of God, all men (and women) are human… the majority of which will succumb to the desires of the flesh, and yes, they will suffer consequences, and yes, they, as well all, need to repent, but please, open you minds, and get your heads our of where ever they are.

Pro-Life Reality Check – Real or Fake?

Pro-lifers are everywhere. On street corners, on TV, in supermarkets, on college campuses – including my own here at the University of Georgia. In fact, for many years, I have considered myself amongst their numbers. Even so, I find myself here, today, right now, questioning the ideological foundation of the very term.

Many who are pro-life are also pro-death penalty. I will not get into the semantics of what pro-death penalty is, but lets just say that it is for premeditated, methodical murder. In other words. John Doe wakes up one morning and decides to go buy a gun, take that gun, and then shoot and kill Jane. He thought about it, considered it, and did it. Not only did he think about it and do it, he also planned it out. For the majority of pro-lifers who believe in the death penalty the sentence is simple… death.

Now to the second part. For a pro-lifer, life begins at conception. Once the sperm meets the egg and they do their dance and become an organism that is capable of multiplicity, it is alive, and it is human, therefore, sacred. Also, alluding to former posts and comments, it has been affirmed through the Scripture that the shedding of innocent blood is the most heinous and immoral act considered by God. Also, it was made clear by Bishop David Epps that early Church Fathers had the same opinion of many today, life begins at conception, the unborn is a child, human and alive, and that abortion is one thing, murder.

Now, we have established abortion as murder, and we have also established many pro-life believing individuals as pro-death penalty – which, in many ways is simply ironic to me – and it is why I personally prefer the title of anti-abortion, and pro-death penalty instead of pro-life, but that is another argument for another post (Big Brother maybe able to antagonize me into it!). Now, for the sake of argument, we are going to say the death penalty should only be for those, again, who committed premeditated and methodical murder. Now, for the crux of the argument, can anyone say that abortion, which we are saying, as “pro-lifers” is murder, is not premeditated?

For example, except in the case of rape, the woman (As well as the man), choose to have sex, and even more so, without “protection” – yes I know, abstinence is the “only way,” but as I have already discussed previously… its just not happening, and never has historically. The choose to copulate, for pleasure, without protection… and bam (paid for), she is pregnant… with child… knocked up. But, this was done with her own permission, her own decision (again, along with the man, and he is just as responsible). Now, four weeks later, she takes the test, finds out she is pregnant, and she has a decision – again, another choice – to make. And she does the unthinkable – the unthinkable decision, which 2.5% of Americans make each year, and have on average since the passing of Roe v. Wade – she decides to have an abortion. Later that same week, either she drives herself, or the man responsible for the seed that took root within her drives her, or maybe her mother, or aunt, or even a co-worker, to the abortion clinic. She freely walks in, signs in at the counter, fills out the forms, and then waits. After a short, or maybe long, wait, she is called back, and she chooses to follow the instructions of the doctor, who then performs the abortion. She then gets up, and she leaves.

This was an abortion… which, as before said, is murder. But… it is also premeditated and methodical murder. Wait… seriously, think about it. IF abortion is murder, and the woman thinks about it, plans it, and then has the abortion – i.e. commits the murder… its premeditated. See the irony? IF we are pro-death penalty for one, how can we not be for the other, yet, if we claim we must love and nurture those who have committed abortions, lead them to Christ and His love, forgive them, show them grace and mercy, how then can we be pro-death penalty. Yes, the laws of the land, in some states, have the death penalty, but as a Christian, one can not have it both ways. So, which direction will you support? Will you be Pro-life, or simply anti-abortion… or neither?

7 thoughts on “Two Articles on Abortion, Pro-life, and the like…

  1. What would God Himself tell us face to face about abortion?
    If Jesus stood in our midst, what would He say?
    “I and the Father are One”
    “Through Me the world was created and all things came into being”
    “Before you were born, I knew you. I knit you in your mother’s womb”
    “I was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Blessed Mother Mary”
    “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”
    “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”
    “And a man shall leave his mother and a woman her home and the two shall become one”
    “Thou shalt not kill”
    “Love one another as I have loved you”

    God created all life. God created us. He loved us before we even came into being and cares intimately for each of us. The greatest gift of our beings is the gift of being able to procreate and bring another life into being. A miracle of life.

    We live in a society and culture bombarding us from all sides continually with untruths contrary to our nature. Just because abortion is law does not mean Pandora’s box cannot be shut again. Is a law condoning the death penalty for innocent human life just? Cremating humans was law in Germany, as well as blacks being considered less than human in this country and elsewhere. What is the truth? Who decided that a life is not viable or human before three months? Why do so many woman suffer from regret, recriminations and despair who have had one? No one knows what it feels like to kill someone unless they have done so. Who decided that we supply women the weapon with which to terminate their child, to kill, to act in place of God? Why are we teaching women to treat as less than human their own babies, to discard, to cremate, to reject, to create as many justifications as possible so as not to see the truth? The womb, once the safest place, has become Auschwitz. Why aren’t mothers encouraged to embrace, welcome, love and cherish themselves as a safe harbor so a child can be given the gift of life? To point out that when a women becomes pregnant, it is no longer just her body, but the body of her precious child who deserves to live as much as she does herself?

    The world has always been rife with suffering. But we have become numb and indifferent because we would be more shocked, disgusted and horrified if someone posted puppies being aborted than actual human babies. We come up with endless justifications and comparisons to placate our consciences, but if we truly examined each one of them in truth, not one would hold water. Where is our passion for the dignity of human persons? If it doesn’t exist for our most vulnerable, what are we teaching our children? What value will they place on human life, knowing that they themselves could have been treated as just as expendable? How can we build a better society, a better world, if our most fundamental respect for all human life is not the first brick in our foundation?

  2. Jared I think your writing is thoughtful. I would, however, encourage you to learn just a little more about the mindset of women who undergo abortions. It is never as simple as you have presented. I can understand how and why you approached your article in the way that you did. It seems like such a logical path…she get’s pregnant, she chooses abortion, she undergoes the procedure, she is done.

    That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most women who have endured an abortion live with deep regret and pain. Why? Because the decision to abort was made in a moment of crisis. Making difficult decisions under the best of circumstances is grueling. Imagine making that choice in the midst of shame, embarrassment, fear. Yes, in the end it’s the pregnant woman who walks into the treatment room and undergoes the procedure. More often than not, however, she believes the lies that abortion is the only thing she can do. And if she doesn’t do it, there are many to answer to; mother, brother, boyfriend/husband, friends, self.

    Please take a moment and read this:


    Let me know what you think.


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