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New Books…

I have completed the publishing criteria for these books. Three are new, and one is an updated and revised version of another that was previously published.

Rain in Alicea: Collected Poems ( 1998-2008 )

Includes both “As Raindrops Fall” and “Skies Over Alicea.”

Skies over Alicea: Collected Poems ( 1998-2008 )

Luna: The Moon in Pictures

These are pictures of the Moon that I took last year ( 2008 ) in book form.

As Raindrops Fall: Collected Poems
In the previous version (green cover) there were several typos that should have been corrected, but were not. This edition includes the corrections

Concerning “Apologies and Treatises: Populist Christianity,” there were also some typos that should have been corrected, but were not. Note however, unlike in the poetry, were it causes a problem in meaning and understanding, it does not do so here. However, I am working on a “volume 2” which will include notes on the corrections, as well as new material, however, at this time, there is no intent on including the entire book.

Lastly, All the books will also be available on Amazon.com. Right now, only “Apologies and Treatises” and the old version of “As Raindrops Fall” are currently listed there.


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