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50,000 Hits and Update

Well, I have finally reached 50,000 hits on here, and I want to thank each and everyone who has visited, contributed, and commented. I really appreciate it! Also, I would like to thank whoever it was who actually bought a copy of one of my books, thanks!

Now, for whats to come. First, many people have asked me about the astronomy section. I still have a lot of photographs that I still haven’t processed that I will hopefully be able to get to soon. The past two semesters have not allowed me too much of opportunity to get this done, nor the opportunity to get out very much to take any pictures (plus my friend Erin still has my camera…)
For my religion and political rants, etc, I have three articles in the works, two of which will be extremely controversial, so I am making sure I have everything straight and what I need. One article, which should come out very soon, that should be controversial will be titled: “Christains: Dazed and Confused? (and why they scare me!)” which will not be as bad as it sounds, I promise. In regards to my articles and research on Islam, I have a few articles on the way, including one that goes well in depth on the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims, as well as covering Wahhabi, and why the the Arab/Persian/Middle Eastern terrorists truly are not Muslims, and why this is a prevailing view in some cases. Another one is going to go into the Crusades and show how yes, the Muslims did commit some acts of terror, the Catholic invaders were the true terrorists, and no matter the reason, the Crusades were not a just war at all… sorry Seton Home Study :). I have posted many articles on the pro-life movement and abortion, as well as articles covering the HIV/AIDS problems in third world countries. I have received some favorable responses, but a majority of personal responses have been negative, and some down right non-Christian. So, for now, I am going to refrain, but I do have one major article in the works which should be posted once I finish this semester in early May.
Anyways, thanks again to all. Lastly, remember that the Gospel is that you are forgiven, and God loves you, and God is not mad at you. Judge not, lest you be judged, trusting only in God to take care of your needs, for the ways of man are worthless and meaningless. Do not spread rumors of any kind, about friend or enemy, but love always, in the confidence and trust that God loves you, and as God covers you and your deeds, cover others in the love of Christ. Take care of the Widow, the Orphan, the Needy, the Poor, in every way possible, giving all, receiving nothing, even gratitude. To fail in this, to neglect this, is to fail the Gospel of God. To Sacrifice all is to be Christian, for to be like Christ is to give all of oneself.
God Bless. JZH

3 thoughts on “50,000 Hits and Update

  1. Congratulations on hitting the 50k mark. Don’t let the critical comment writers dissuade you from posting thoughtful and informative posts. G-d gave us comment moderation for a reason.

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