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Hello everyone, just wanted to give an update on whats going on with me. For awhile, I might not be able to get any posts up, though I am still working on about three right now.

Sometime this week, I will be moving from Athens, GA. First, I will head home to Thomaston, GA, then spend a few days in Selma, AL. On Aug. 11 or 12 I will be heading up to North Carolina to be with Ruthanne and her family for a family reunion on her mother’s side. Then once that is completed, I will follow them back up to Rhode Island and be living there. Katherine, mine and Ruthanne’s daughter, is due on Oct. 2, and we appreciate everyone’s prayers and support.

Lastly, before I leave for Rhode Island, I do hope to get at least on of the articles I have been working on, or at least the first part of it, so we will see.

God Bless,



12 thoughts on “Update…

    1. I do love it up there, but I need and want to be up there with her. Also, I will be able to finish up there – which wont take me long, and then still may come back down to UGA, etc.

      1. Ahh, ic. Well, best of luck. There is no place like athens! Beautiful women, great parties, football, it has everything. Are you going to marry her?

  1. i was in dr. norman’s classics 2000 class. lauren was my TA. you were always so smart! it wasnt fair. i struggled with that class so much.

  2. another student in the class recomended it to me. I think her name was sarah (she sat in front of you most of the time…she was also really freaking smart…ugh) I did ok in the class, i made a C+ (i have NO IDEA how). Lol i sat in the way back of the room, it was so much more fun to people watch than listen to norman babble about pots…

  3. she seems really sweet. so anyway. well, ill stop wasting time on ur blog thingy. i would hate to make the miss’es upest 😛 jk, i bet she is very sweet. yall must be so happy!

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