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Being a Christian nation in a Pagan nation…

Keeping with Gregory Boyd’s concept that the United States is not a Christian nation, and that whole idea is a myth, I want to look at a quote from his book “The Myth of a Christian Nation.” “What if the energy and resources spent to preserve and tweak the civil religion [i.e. the Christian nation concept] was rather spent feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, befriending the drug addict, and visiting the prisoner?” (115, 116) The answer is simple, we would no longer just be going to church, but we would be the Church. We would no longer just call ourselves Christian, but be Christian… we would, as Boyd says, do the Kingdom. We would be called Christian not because we say we are, but because people would see the life of Christ in us.

Is the civil religion – the political activism, etc, important to try and maintain? No… in fact, as Boyd argues, it is harmful to the Kingdom. By depending on the civil government to make laws protecting morality – by depending on the “over” kingdoms, we lose our own “under” kingdom… we trust less in God and try and get the government to make the nation a moral bulwark. We put our faith in the “over” government, and lose our servant nature. This began almost 1700 years ago when Constantine the Great legalized Christianity… and hence forth the Church became dependant on the government, as well as trying to control it. Instead of protesting, we should be praying, instead of endorsing and giving our money to candidates, we should be giving our money to the poor and needy. For real change, we need to stop depending on an election… stop just going to the Church, but be the Church and do the Kingdom. We must stop judging and begin  sacrificing all that we are. Jesus fellowshipped with the sinner… not the righteous, for it was the sinner who needed Him most. For this is the only way we can Love.


6 thoughts on “Being a Christian nation in a Pagan nation…

  1. The Apostate Church is the church that has devolves much of her power to the state (it is no longer the Holy Spirit but the needs of the King, President, political establishment or political elite that is served). Islam is a reaction to the apostasy that befell the empire of Constantine the Great following the Council of Nicaea of 325 AD.

    We need to be more like the missionary church in Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13). It is this church that rejoices in the high places and is spared the tribulation that befalls those Christians who dwell on the earth, for the devil has been cast out of heaven and is enraged because he knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12).

    1. You’re most welcome Jared. It’s not easy finding a church that has been spared the aftereffects of Nicaea. I’m extremely blessed (and the only non Tigirinya speaking congregant) of one Eritrean Christian church comprising mainly immigrant brethren from that war torn horn of Africa region. Most of my church arrived here (Malta, Europe) by boat from Libya, a bit like the Pilgrim Fathers on the Mayflower.

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