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Why are we upset or surprised?

Recently, a public school in New Jersey were made to praise President Obama in a school recital. Since then, outrage has sprung forth, but really, why are we so upset and surprised? It is no different than what the Roman Emperors, kings, princes, dictators, etc have done in the past, and continue to do to this day. So why is it we are so surprised? I am more surprised that the children in the class who are “Christian” have not been taught to refuse, as the early Christians did in the Roman Empire, to worship anything other than God – and also that the parents sitting there listening to the worship song did not stop it or their children.

We must remember the ruler of this world is the Devil. He is the Lord of the air – even after his defeat on the Cross. Just as Persia had a “prince,” the United States, and every other country and geographical area, has a p”prince,” or ruler over it – influencing and manipulating, even causing “good” things to happen. There is no such thing as a Christian nation, or even a moral nation, they are all pagan. The United States was not founded so men could worship anyway they liked, it was set up so that religious institutions, most notably then the Church of England, could not hold sway over the government, and vice-versa, the government could not hold sway over the religious institutions. It should be no surprise when the government run schools try to infuse a sense of patriotic duty and trust in the government since religious institutions try to do the same thing… i.e. Sunday School, Children’s Church and the like. The government itself is a “religious” body as well as a body that desires to be worshipped. Instead of being shocked when things like this happen, maybe we should simply instruct our children, and remind ourselves, that we must not be surprised or upset, but we should take a stand and refuse to participate.

Lastly, keep in mind – we “worship” past presidents, even setting up feast days in their honor, the same with people like Dr. Martin Luther King – and this does not upset us. We “worship” Christopher Columbus, who nearly wiped out the Carib Indian population, again having a feat day in his honor. We celebrate or Day of Indepence (feast day) which marks our rebellion against England and a great loss of life on both sides. So what makes this worship any more different?

2 thoughts on “Why are we upset or surprised?

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