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More Thoughts – The Manhattan Declaration

Here are some more thoughts on the Manhattan Declaration issue. Before reading, please read my initial post: The “Providence” Declaration – A Response to the Manhattan Declaration.

To me, it seems that the core issue here is laws that the United States have in place that do not agree with Christian doctrine, and that may need to be broken to walk properly in the Christian faith. For the individual church or denomination, Christian hospital, Christian doctor or pharmacist, pastor, etc, this may come into play, however, it should not. When it does, I agree, these institutions/people should hold their ground. However, for the everyday person, the course is simple. Simply, do not have an abortion. If you are a Christian, and you “feel” you are a homosexual, a) do not engage in homosexual behavior, and b) do not engage yourself in a homosexual union. Concerning religious freedom, again, simple… respect one another’s beliefs, all the while strive to show and share Christ’s love with one another, regardless of religion, creed or race.

While thinking, and as my blog name implies, often thinking nothing, I came across, in my mind, a startling truth – Abortion and Homosexuality are not the only immoral acts the government and laws of the United States protects… they even encourage some very ungodly/sinful behavior.

1) War/Murder
– As a believer, revenge and vengeance is the Lord’s, not man’s
2) Gluttony
– Though getting “better,” people are allowed to eat whatever they want and as much as they want… and yes, Christians partake in this freedom very often -> see Thanksgiving
3) Debt/Surety for one’s neighbor
– One only has to look at the current economic crisis. Also, one must take a vow/oath when entering the military, government office, etc. Contract disputes account for a huge amount of court cases a year
5) Pride
– Patriotism is the first and foremost, as well as nationalism. Are you an American first, or a citizen of the Kingdom of God?
6) Drunkenness
– Just do not get caugh behind the wheel… or peeing in an alleyway 🙂
7) Lewdness
– Free Speech
8 ) Rebellion
– Revolutionary War -> we even celebrate it
9) Dependence on man rather than God
– Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, insurance, food stamps…
10) Uncleanness/Unhealthiness
– Gluttony, smoking (yes I am guilty), drunkenness
11) Sexual Immorality
– Beyond homosexuality -> Fornication, promiscuity, adultery (only applicable in divorce proceedings), pornography -> promoted by television, books, radio, music, magazines, etc… allowed by the government
12) Divorce
– One can get divorced for whatever reason
13) Undisciplined Children
13) Covetousness
– Again, just watch television
14) Idolatry
– Nationalism, celebrities, money/capitalism
15) Not being “fruitful and multiplying”
– Birth control
16) Not being faithful stewards of the Earth
– Pollution, energy waste…

These are only a few, and beyond this, why are we not talking about these things: Murder, Rape, Theft, etc. Yes, there are laws against such things and more, but people, everyday, including Christians, commit these crimes.

Am I thankful that I live in the United States? Yes I am, however, I am not dependent on this nation, I am dependent on God. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God first, and thankfully the Kingdom is not a democracy, but a theocracy head by Christ Himself. I am neither conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat… I do not even particularly like democracy. What I am is a believer.

JZ Holloway


2 thoughts on “More Thoughts – The Manhattan Declaration

  1. 7) Lewdness
    -Free Speech

    I am thankful for free speech. I think more people should utilize the Philippians 4:8 mindset in their conversation skills…

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