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Charismatic Episcopal Church – Statistics

I have had several people ask me the statistics of the CEC, and so I finally decided to go on the website and actually figure them out. Bear in mind, these stats come directly from the ICCEC website, or, in the case of Africa, come from Patriarch Council releases, wikipedia, etc, and are mostly guesses or unconfirmed… but come close.


100 churches, with 50 of them in the Southeast Province. 11 active bishops, in inactive. Counting active bishops, there is a bishop for every 9.25 churches. There are roughly 171 priests and 84 deacons. 20 of the priests are chaplains. The Central Diocese has 10 churches and 2 bishop (I put Bp. Weeks here), the Northeast has 18 churches (6 of which are CEC Canada) and 2 bishops, plus the Primate’s See and the Patriarchal See. As mentioned before, the Southeast has 50 churches, 5 active bishops, and 1 retired bishop. The West has 16 churches and 2 bishops. The Southeast has the most priests with 77, followed by the west with 29, followed by the Northeast with 26 (6 are CEC Canada), followed by the Central with 13. The Society of St. Dismas has 6 churches with 7 priests.

Brazil has 37 churches, 4 bishops and a guess at 39 priests. Deacons are not listed on the website

The Philippines has 41 churches, 5 bishops and 44 priests. Again, finding the exact number of deacons (a lot) and priests is difficult.

Europe has 27 churches, 2 bishops (Philippines), 17 priests, and 6 deacons. It is important to note that the majority of the European Church are actually under the jurisdiction of the Philippines.

The whopper, Africa. Last report I found, from like 2002, had the number of churches at over 1300. I listed it at 1100 to be conservative. According to the Wikipedia page listing bishops, there are 22, making them have 50% -1 (Bp. Prakash makes the total number of active bishops 45) of all the ICCEC bishops. They are represented by Abp. Jones of Alabama who heads the IDA. Bp. Njoroge is assistant (I think that is the term) Patriarchal Legate to Africa.

The Patriarch’s Council –
The Patriarch, His Beatitude Craig Bates
Primate, Abp. Hines (Philippines)
Primate, Abp. Garcia (Brazil)
Archbishop Jones (USA, IDA)
Bishop Kessler, General Secretary (USA)
Bishop Davidson (USA)
Bishop Njoroge (Africa)
Bishop Prakash (Pakistan)

4 of the 8 members are USA, each national church (3 – CECNA, CEC Philippines, CEC Brazil) has their Primate on the council. Africa and Pakistan are represented. European churches other than the ones under Abp. Hines are represented by Abp. Jones as head of the IDA. 11 bishops are represented by 4 on the council, 34 bishops are represented by 5 bishops on the council.

The total number of churches in the ICCEC are somewhere between 1300 and 1700, with the vast majority in Africa. The Southeast province outnumbers every national church in the communion – not counting any churches in Africa – with both bishops and churches, except of course the CECNA of which they are apart, but again, they account for half of the churches, almost half of the bishops, and around 30% of the clergy.

Finally, again, most of this is guesswork, but it is close to the real numbers.

JZ Holloway

P.S. If you want a file version of the stats I compiled, send me your email address and I will be more than happy to email them to you.

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