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The Question of Race

I have been reading… and reading… and reading… for years, commentaries and opinion peaces on race. I have listened to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Don Imus (so I don’t get confused… whatever), Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama. Simply put, I am confused…

Slavery brought Africans to the New World… hence the term “African American,” which I do not use… you are either African (a citizen from an African nation) or American… unless you have duel citizenship. Ironically… and tragically… slavery was an evil needed for success… at least success as early as it came for the new country of the United States of America. Slavery actually solidified the country through the Civil War… bringing in the 13th Amendment.

Racism… within the secular world, is inevitable. It is bred within us. We are German-Americans (not possible unless we are duel citizens), Italian-Americans (again….) African-Americans (okay… again). We are white, brown, black, yellow, red… and yes, Jesus loves us…. we all know the song. All precious in His sight.

Did the USDA lady play racism… who cares… most of us do… even when we don’t realize it or even want to. Was President Obama elected because he is black… maybe… who cares, Was G.W. elected because he talked like a Texan? Was Justice Sotomater (SP???) chosen because she was Hispanic? Probably… who cares. Is Arizona wrong??? I don’t think so… profiling happens everywhere, regardless of race.

I’m a white guy… with an almost finished degree from the University of Georgia… in History and Classical Culture with experience in Archeology and Native American Studies… again, I am white, who married a woman of El Salvadorian/ white (Costa Rican Missionary) descent… whose father I work for who employs mostly Dominicans… who speak only Spanish… and I love ’em.

I have chosen not to become a slave to race or racism. I hope you can do the same. I am not a racist… but I do not read in my Bible where the Hebrews asked the Egyptians for reparations. It is time for blacks to acknowledge their renowned place in American history… and realize, as the “Irish Saved Civilization,” the black man and woman saved the Union, more commonly called “The United States of America.”

I think whites and blacks…. i.e. Americans, should be thankful for slavery… it brought us together. Through the hell, the bullshit, and the nightmare, it gave us our first, and the world’s first prominent black leader. Without slavery… would never have happened.


One thought on “The Question of Race

  1. Of the three items, Nationality, Race, and Color, I find Race to be the most arbitrarily defined. Nationality is easy, it answers… the question “From what nation did my ancestors originate?” Color is also easy; it answers the question “What does the melanin in my skin look like?” Race is much less clear.

    For persons of European, South American, or African origin, no specifics are asked. For persons of Asian, Pacific Islander, or North American origin, more specifics are requested. Why distinguish between origins in Korea vs. Vietnam, but not origins in France vs. Finland?

    For the 2010 Census the pre-provided answers are as follows:

    White, Black, American Indian (specific tribal affiliation is requested), Asian Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Other Asian (Hmong, Laotian, Thai, Pakistani, Cambodian, etc), Native Hawaiian, Guamanian or Chamorro, Samoan, Other Pacific Islander (Fijian, Tongan, etc), Some other race.

    I consider “White” and “Black” to be colors, “Korean” and “Hmong” to be an ethnicity, and “Pakistani” to be a national origin, since Pakistan did not exist as a nation before 1947.

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