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The Bible – An Idea

The Bible – An Idea
The Bible is not a story, nor is it a history. The Bible, though written on paper and bound in leather, is a living and breathing person. Not just an individual, but a Person of Three. It, the Bible, is the Word. It did not become the Word, it has always been the Word, and will always be the Word. This Word became flesh in the Person, this Person of Three, in Jesus Christ.
Christ is the Son, the Son of the Father, in which the Holy Spirit proceeds from. The Word Himself says this in which the Word, Christ, says that His Father will send forth an Advocate to His people, at that time the disciples who would become immortalized as the Twelve, or simply the apostles. Jesus came, incarnate of the flesh through His virgin mother Mary, to fulfill the Word, in effect, to fulfill Himself. To fulfill the Word, He had to become flesh and blood, He had to declare the coming of the Holy Spirit, He had To die, He had to rise again, and He had to ascend into Heaven. To finalize His fulfillment, He will have to return, sit on His throne beside the Father, and judge, both the living and the dead. Again, this Word, this Logos, is eternal. This Word is a light, the light. This Word lives.
Ironically, when you see the Bible in that light, the Apostles Creed or the Nicene Creed, even the Creed of St. Athanasius, not only makes sense, but comes alive as well. Ironically, it makes the Bible, in its textual history and philosophy much more complex and confusing. If the Bible is the Word, therefore the Logos, therefore Christ Himself… well, why are there so many stories and histories compiled. Why is the family of Jacob, and the family of Jesse, and the family of… well, you name it, so important? If the Bible is the Word, and the Word Jesus, how is it that the Word, which is Jesus, tells, not only of the birth of the Christ Child, but of His forbearers? How can the Word, which is eternal, foretell Himself, after He already was, because, again, He is eternal, in fact, Christ is Eternity, for it is through Him the Father spoke Creation, therefore Time and or concept of it. In fact, without the Word, there would be no time, no creation, only the Father. Even further, without the Word, there would be no Advocate, no Holy Spirit, for the Word was not there to send him forth, to command the Third Person to go out amongst the people of God, not to mention that there would be not people of God… Whoo… now I am running away so fast from “reality” even my head is spinning. Now do you see how important the Bible truly is?
I do not care for the argument of whether Adam and Eve were real people or metaphorical. For me, it does not matter. I do not care about the argument between evolutionism and creationism. For me, again, it does not matter. I believe God, the Father, through His Word, created the heavens and the earth, and His Spirit, the Advocate, brood over the waters of the deep. There, the Big Bang… for I believe the Word is a booming horn when He speaks through the mouth of His Father. When He goes forth, the words are so “deep” that the only way to convey them to human ears was through stories, or parables, but without human ears around, His Word, which is creation itself, was watched over by the Holy Spirit. That is all I need to know. Time still does not exist, for Man has not been created, only the universe, and the Spirit is guiding this new creation through its course. At some point, the angel which we have dubbed Lucifer, simply because of our European reliance of the most “romantic” language of all, Latin… yes I know romantic comes from Roman, begins a rebellion in Heaven, and, alas, surprise, surprise… loses, and falls down to… wait… the Earth? No, Jesus saw Satan… or the Arbiter, or the Prosecuters of Heaven (al-Satan in Hebrewenglish, and is plural by the way) fall like lighting to the earth, why, because no longer would angels sit in judgment of men, but the Word alone. “Lucifer” fell to creation, and darkness covered the face of the deep, not the oceans, or the earth, not or solar system, not our galxy, but our universe as a whole. Now, I am taking great liberty here, substituting the earth and the deep and entering the entire universe of creation… so, I know, not traditional, but to me, it makes sense. At this “time,” The Father begins to speak, and we have six “days” of creation, ending with the creation of man as we know it, and on the seventh “day” the Father, the Word, and the Spirit rested.
Now… we have seven “days” in which time as we know it has not been established, so, for me, these “days” are epochs. Why, simple, God the Father commands, the Word speaks and then the Godhead sees that it is good. Well that’s great, but if we are truly created in the image of the Godhead, then we must understand for something to be seen as good, it must be observed, it must be proven, it must grow, and that takes… well, it takes time. Yes, God is all knowing, but He is also transcendent, so a day is a as a thousand years and vice versa… the key, AS, not IS, so in other words, time is nothing for God, so for example, when God spoke the creation of the waters of the deep, and the Word went forth, and creation happened… well, here came the waters of the deep… further helping our hypothesis that the deep afore mentioned is the universe, the waters are created, and they grow, and they prove themselves, and God sees that it is good… how “long” does that take, well, for God, time is not of the essence for God is above time, but for us, who knows, we, as we say down South, ain’t there yet. Again, God had to watch, observe… yes, knowing He is perfect, but knowing His creation is not. How do I know this is true, again, simple.
God saved his last little bit of creativity for last, and no small feat… for the Godhead actually came together for this one, and they spoke as one for the first time recorded in Biblical text… The Godhead, Father, Word/Son, Holy Spirit/Advocate said, “Lets create Man in Our Own image.” As Ramses would say in the “Ten Commandments,” “So let it be written, So let it be done,” or simply, amen. God saved the best for last, just as Jesus, the Word, did at the wedding feast, a sign and symbol for us all. The Creator saves his best for last while the created tries to give his best first. God created Man, both male and female in His own image. Then God, all of God, rested, thus the seventh day begins.
The “Rest” to me is interesting, He creates man, and then he rests… for how long, in other words, how long does God rest before he interferes with man. Well…. If we are talking merely a day, then the eighth day is appropriate, but I do not see it. God had to watch his previous creation to see that it was good; He knows mankind is His final creative achievement; He would want to observe… He never said it was good, He only said that He saw everything he had made, and it was very good. Yes… we could conclude that included mankind, which I do not doubt, however, let’s delve deeper.
Adam and Eve… iconic, ironic, and a paradox. As linguistic and Biblical scholars we can argue the two stories of creation or but a connection between two different writers… which makes sense based upon the language. But, what if Adam and Eve came after the sixth day, and they are included, albeit from a different source, to complete the narrative, and to fulfill the Word. Otherwise, where does cain find a wife in wandering… see, it becomes clear, well… sort of. To me, Adam and Eve are God’s las ditch effort… wait, stop sign, God’s last ditch effort? Yes, to see if mankind can truly function with free will and not fall into temptation to become as They are, even though we are created in His image, in other words, Adam and Eve are the last observation before the “it is Good” stamp. It explains the other humans obviously on the planet, in fact it explains a lot… even scientifically. Even though sin, God saw it good enough, knowing His own struggles… and yes, God struggles… wait… oh… His image, it is why we struggle… it is why we even give a… it is why we care, why we cry, why we feel remorse, shame, loss, etc… wait, God feels? Gethsemane anyone? But He was human… and He still is… and guess what, He always was, even before we existed…. Wait… oh, His image. Free will anyone?
So, does this mean God is imperfect? No, it means His creation is, and He meant for it to be that way. He meant for it to be able to grow and expand… like He cannot… for God is the same, eternally. He meant for us to live a linear existence… why, because He cannot, God does not define time… we do… wow… We have become like God… the serpent was right. The true evil, besides the obvious is that God wanted to live with us, worshiping Him, gleaning from Him for all “eternity,” and that was taken away by two bites, well, really one, Adam’s, but His goal is always for us to abide in Him, and He in us, that is true life and existence, and with that, time does not matter, only the Word… and the Word say we have all sinned… The Word says this… even God repented.
This essay/ book (eventually, Father, Word, Advocate willing) is a work in progress. I wish I could show it to my dad, I know I can show it to big Brother, and maybe I can show it to Grandpa Jones… who hopefully will not put me in his unsaved category… it is a thought process, a work in progress, and I know my calling, I am an apologist 


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