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Are We Alone? – The answer of mythology

I just finished watching “Thor,” (2011). First, I loved it, second, it made me think back to a debate in a classical mythology class… what made these people believe these things? In the Book of Daniel, in the Biblical Old Testament, Daniel is waiting for an answer from God for 30 days, and finally, Gabriel, the Archangel, comes and gives one, and this angel… a powerful being, more then most, claims he was held up by the “Prince of Persia” for 30 days, and it was only until Michael, another archangel, came, that he was able to come at last to the realm of earth. Wait… an archangel held up… hold that thought. In Ephesians, a Biblical book of the New Testament, St. Paul talks of “Powers, Principalities, Rulers of the Air,” etc. Our “real enemy.” So… what from here?
I’ve always been fascinated with mythology, ever since I was a little boy and my daddy would tell stories. Also, I’ve always wondered why these people believed them, why we always (the Israelites) believed something else, why their stories and the Jewish stories always seemed… well… close… and why we as Christians love the Biblical stories and shun… well, “mythology.”
That being said, here is my theory… as a believer in Christ, it is all true. Well, at least the “people”… or rather, “principalities, etc” are true. That is my theory. It makes sense… Baal was the “prince of the philistines”…. Dagon the “the Prince of the Babylonians”… Zeus the “Prince of the Greeks” doesn’t sound so far fetched now… right?
People have never been truly stupid… so why would people believe… why would priest sacrifice and worship… if nothing ever happened… I’m not talking about aliens, I’m talking the Bible… even New Testament.. Pauline philosophy and theology… so, let’s start a discusion… please 🙂


One thought on “Are We Alone? – The answer of mythology

  1. Baal and Zeus are today still names used to indicate unrightfully certain persons which according to those believers would save them.

    Jesus comes from Hail Zeus and has nothing to do with Jeshua from Nazareth, the son of Joseph and Mary from the tribe of David, though we do use this common name in English, or Chesu/Jesu = praise Zeus or Jezus in other languages. This man is today often taken for a god and is called like some do for his Father by the title ‘Lord’ which was the way to speak to Baal.

    We always should have it about the Right Person and avoid confusion about our hero’s. Though lots of Christians may have lots of fear to use the name of the most High, we should dare to use His Name as our beloved One.Please do find:1. Some one or something to fear #7 Not afraid for Gods Name2.The wrong hero3.Some one or something to fear #5 Not afraid4.God about His name “יהוה“5.The Bible and names in it

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