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Are We Barbarians?

“Bar bar bar,” so the Romans heard when they encountered Germanic tribes, hence the word Barbarian. The term has been defined as a person who is dirty, uncivilized, violent, uncouth, etc… Ironically, historically we can look at the Romans and say the same things… the difference was technology.
Has anything really changed? We are still violent… dirty… uncouth… therefor uncivilized. It is not knowledge that makes us “civilized,” it is technology, and yet, we still remain the same. We are the same as the Romans who came before us… the Germans, the Asians, etc… we have not changed. Yes, we wear more clothes, we elect our leaders (in America), we have more laws, we have a “moral” code… the murder only goes up, the economy is gone, our “leaders” only argue – at least Roman senators came to consensus – we bash each other, we are selfish, self absorbed, we still have prostitution (more rampant}, we still have the poor (which Jesus said will always be with us), we still have war, we still have greed… we still do not understand any culture other then our own… all we hear is “bar bar bar,” and all we say is “bar bar bar.” It is kinda like the adults in Peanuts… aka Charlie Brown.
We ask ourselves, what is wrong with the world. The answer is simple, we haven’t changed. Ask yourself, seriously, if nothing else mattered, who would you be. The answer… who are you, a barbarian.

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