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The Journey

On March 20, 1980, I was born to John William Holloway and (Fay) Elaine Holloway. I was not supposed to be born, my mother was not physically capable of having children (yet, she had two more). I was christened/baptized as an infant into the United Methodist Church – my dad being a pastor in the South Georgia Conference. Later, he would start his own independent charismatic church – he was heavily involved in the early charismatic movement in the Methodist church, and eventually merge with another independent charismatic church – New Life (Now Eagle’s Way) in Griffin, GA. That church, under the prophetic direction of then Pastor Randy Adler, began to dabble in the sacramental – particularly  with communion and the liturgy of the Eucharist. Naturally, the liturgy was more Episcopal/Anglican in nature, but it was a start.

On June 26, 1992, the Charismatic Episcopal Church (Now the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church) was officially begun with Randy Adler becoming the first bishop to be consecrated. My dad would be ordained a priest the very next year, and he founded St. Michael and All Angel’s Church in Thomaston, GA. I loved the liturgy – yeah, the worship was nice, but what I fell in love with was the liturgy, the symbolism, and the Sacraments – in essence, the true historical nature of the Church. Yes, the Church is Charismatic and Evangelical – but I had been raised that way, now I had been brought into the Sacramental – the missing piece of the puzzle.

I served as the first acolyte in the state of Georgia in the CEC at St. Michael’s – thanks to Fr. David Monroe, I actually had a clue of what I was doing and actually how to do it. I had the privilege to attend, when my father taught the classes, seminary classes for the “area” – not yet a diocese, and I loved it. I was surrounded by great men of God – both in spirit and in knowledge, who I could listen to for hours. As many of us do, over the next decade or so – while going through the Marine Corps, college, etc – as well as trials and a myriad of other things, I “fell” away. Not that I didn’t love the church and the Church, but I had come to feel that my views… and not just my views, but my beliefs, were going in a different direction then that of the CEC.

Five years ago I met my wife, four years (and just over a week) ago, I married her, and since have had three beautiful children. I have had my share of arguments – some constructive, many destructive – and along with other things going on in my life (The Struggle), I struggled (no pun intended) to truly find a home. Thankfully, my wife was not so disillusioned with insanity, and led our family, with my great reluctance, into Roman Catholicism. Today, I am so very happy that she did just that, and I am blessed to attend and be a part of a parish that embodies, not just the Sacramental, but also the Charismatic and the Evangelical.

My “academic” goal is the same as one of my “spiritual” goals – and that is to continue to explore the Historical Church. I am going to continue to write about addiction, and I am sure I will continue to write about politics and world events, but as my blog is called, “often we think nothing.” My goal is to explore such items as the Roman Catholic Catechism, Tradition (Catholic, Anglican & Orthodox – maybe even a little Protestant in there 🙂 ) and Liturgy, Church History, the Church Fathers, important saints and writers, etc, etc… Yeah, a tall order, but you have to begin somewhere. In all of these things, I want to welcome discussion, for only in discussion to we truly gain a total perspective, and like anything else in life, Christianity – maybe most importantly – needs to be seen and grasped with a total perspective.


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