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Politics of Today

As promised… a political “rant” if you will… shared this on Facebook:

To be honest.. I’m tired of both Republicans and Democrats… Republicans want it all… (so do the Democrats) and the Democrats don’t want to talk… I guess no one in Washington D.C. actually took an American History class or an American Government class… I agree, the United States government has become tyrannical – both “for the people” and on the other side “we know best.” Sad thing is, it will never change, no longer can we vote for people who actually do care about the people, but only about their own political future… THEIR ideas… what THEY think is right… my opinion doesn’t matter… if you don’t believe me, then look at the electoral college (for one example). We all know the Healthcare bill is not perfect – never will be (constructed mostly by politicians), but we also know that the Republicans do not have the answer either… neither side does… so, I guess, why are we so shocked… why are we so appalled? If you want to blame the Republicans, go ahead, you are as ignorant as they are, if you want to blame the Democrats, again, go ahead, you are just as pigheaded as they are… what is to blame is the system… not just the President, not just Congress… but the system. The system that no longer is for the people (not even by the people) but a system that is full of greed, a false sense of equality, imperialism, over educated men/women with hardly any true experience (or if they had it, are now blinded by the religion that is politics and partisanship)… Grow up… it isn’t really their fault… nor is it really ours… though we crave checking CNN/Foxnews/MSNBC to see who misstepped, who misspoke, who sent pictures of their nether regions to some hooker… or whatever… okay, so maybe it is our fault, we have come to see politics as a drama TV show… like the Sopranos, or “24” or Breaking Bad (though I think The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Sons of Anarchy or more apt)… so I guess, in truth, I am not really tired of Republicans or Democrats, I am tired of Americans who continue to feed the monster… I am tired of “Christians” who even more so feed the monster… on both sides – who continue to blame this or that when they can’t get their heads out their ass to realize that both sides are the same body, just two heads, and they continue to feed both sides. Stop feeding.


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