My Father, Bishop John Holloway

I wrote this five years ago, before I moved to Rhode Island

Saepe Nihil Cogitamus

My father was born on March 18, 1954 in the same hospital my mother would be born in a few months later. His parents were William Henry Holloway and Mattie Lee Allen, and their relationship was such that when she wanted to name my father a “junior,” he curtly replied that he already had one. Two older sisters, Mary, who is still alive, and Anne, who passed away in the 1980’s, also lived with him in the house. His parents got divorced when he was young, and she married Eugene Allen, who my Nanny affectionately “Gene,” which usually ended up with him turning off his hearing aid. When my father was still a young man, and very rough in his ways, his step-father, my granddaddy, took him on a tour of Reidsville State Prison, where when granddaddy died, was a Major in the State Corrections Department. This tour apparently did…

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