Revisited – FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

New England Gamer

Since the end of 2013, I had been looking forward to FFXIII – Lightning Returns… only to be disappointed once I received the final product. I’m not saying it is a bad game… it is just not Final Fantasy, at least to me, and I wanted Final Fantasy. So I decided to revisit FFXIV.

I had pre-ordered this years ago… forgot I had until I got it in the mail and had to explain to my wife why our bank account was now $80 poorer. I played while it was free to play, then once it started to charge, I stopped. I had never been huge on MMORPGs, especially ones I had to pay for. Sure, I played Diablo II and III, but I only had to pay for the game, not the privileged to play. I did pay for Star Trek Online when it first came out… but only…

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