Elder Scrolls Online Vs. Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

New England Gamer

The revamped FFXIV: ARR has been out since last August and has a wide following – due in part to the huge legacy of Final Fantasy. Elder Scrolls Online – by Zenimax and Bethesda, promises us to be the largest and most advanced MMO and RPG of all time, and the fever for this is also fueled by another huge legacy – The Elder Scrolls.

Which will you choose, or will you play both?

FFXIV obviously is pay to play, and ESO will be as well – so far FFXIV has done an excellent job with both its servers and new content, and ESO promises the same. Graphically – if you have played the beta of ESO like I have, it is more “realistic,” as much as you can be for a fantasy style game, then FFXIV – but the questing, etc seems about the same. If you are like…

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