Populist Christianity: Part 1

Old post, some spelling miscues

Saepe Nihil Cogitamus

Preface Note:

First, with this article, I do not wish to offend anyone, though I am positive I will, and though I do regret offending anyone, I am not sorry. Second, by Populist, I am not referencing the political party of the United States during the turn of the 19th Century, nor am I referencing the modern political approaches of certain political pundits, but a trend I have observed in Christianity, especially after the democratization of Europe and the West.

Populist Christianity

Populism is simply defined as leaders, particularly those of political association, who “fight” for the common good of the lower man against the powerful elite. With this definition, one could say that in a way, Martin Luther was a “populist” for the common Catholic against the powerful elite of Rome, and that, in its defense of being called a rebellion, Protestantism was truly just a populist movement to…

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