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Walking the Road

It has been a while since I have written anything of merit, but as I was laying in bed last night, I was reminded of Rodney King when he asked, “Can’t we all just get along.” If I say I believe homosexuality is a sin, I am damned from the left, likewise, if I come out openly in support of gay marriage, the right condemns me. I am either, “too liberal,” or “too conservative,” and if I try to stand in the middle, then I am even worse. If I am pro-choice, then I am pro-murder, yet if I am pro-life, I am somehow anti-women. If I am for gun control, I am just some liberal hippie, likewise, if I support the 2nd Amendment, then I am misinformed and pro-violence.

For the record, I believe homosexual acts are a sin:
– To clarify, my beliefs state that ANY sexual conduct outside of marriage is a sin, whether they be heterosexual or homosexual

I do not believe in homosexual marriage:
– To clarify, I believe Biblical marriage is between a man and a woman, for the purpose a) of pro-creation and b) for religious and spiritual enrichment
– That is not to say that two members of the same gender cannot provide religious and spiritual enrichment, but they obviously cannot pro-create, therefore marriage, in the Biblical since, is not necessary. For my beliefs, sex cannot exist in this relationship without sin, just as if it was two people of opposite genders living together without being married.

I believe abortion is murder, therefore sin:
– I am a Catholic, in and of itself, that should tell you why I have this belief. However, I am not “anti-women,” or anti women’s health. I understand that a woman, for medical reasons, must terminate a pregnancy. Nor am I a doctor, so no, I cannot specifically tell you the circumstances this is necessary, nor will I pretend to. However, I believe life is sacred. Whether young or old, whether unborn or dying.

I believe gun should be controlled, but I also believe that as American citizens, we have the right to have them:
– I am a Marine and a Southerner – yeah, so I have been around guns for a long time. I was taught proper gun safety and I have seen the results of irresponsible people acting irresponsibly with guns. As I think you should be able to own a pistol, rifle and shotgun, I do not believe you need an Uzi, M-16 or any other assault weapon. For me, the key word is assault, as citizens, we should not need to assault anyone. IF we cannot trust our police and government, as a Catholic, I believe we should pray for them. I am reminded of Peter’s example and how Jesus admonished him for “bearing” arms against the Temple guard coming to take Him away. If the government wants to persecute us for what we believe in, let them, for blessed are those who are persecuted.

I believe that healthcare is not necessarily a right, but it is a privilege – and I lump a lot of things into healthcare:
– That being said, I do believe it is our responsibility, especially as a Catholic, to help those in need – whether they be poor or sick. Is it the responsibility of the government? Not really, but it is ours as a whole. IF we are unable to do our part, then we should be thankful that others, i.e. the Church or even the government step in. Personally, I am thankful the government has stepped in for myself and my family, because of them, I have healthcare and more food on the table. That is not to say that I do not do my part – I work full time, but I also have four children, a beautiful wife, a mortgage, utility bills, car payments and other debts – the list is quite exhaustive. At the same time, I am also thankful for those in my local parish who, during our time of need – we had just had the baby and I was out of work with an injury – who came and supported us, not only with food, but with love and prayers. This is not something that needs to be a right, it is something that needs to be a responsibility, and for me, if you take the responsibility out of the equation, it does become simply a handout. For those who have helped us, and for others, I look forward to the day I can reciprocate.

Before you bash me, please keep in mind the work BELIEF. I am a human, simple and corrupt, sinful and incomplete. Yet, I have belief, just like many others. Some share my beliefs, others do not, and that is okay. IT is what makes us all human, the fact that we all have ideas, thoughts, desires and beliefs that may or may not be agreeable to each other. I have friends who believe in gay marriage, likewise abortion, like wise gun control and likewise total welfare. I also have friends who believe the exact polar opposite. We all come to our on conclusions in many ways, along many different paths, but the key is, we have all walked our own road, and again, that is what makes us human. For me, I am continuing to walk my path, along with my family and friends, and that journey, together, is what makes this life special.

I believe that Christ did not come into this world to condemn it, but that the world (and us), through Him, might be saved. I believe that we must stop focusing on worldy things and focus on Him. If we cannot do this, nothing in the end will matter, and no one will ever truly be right.

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