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I Don’t Want to Fit In

I don’t want to fit in. There, I said it. I don’t want society telling me what to believe, and on the same not, I don’t want to infringe on the beliefs of others. Just because society is telling me to go one way, doesn’t mean I wont walk in another direction. It doesn’t mean I am right, doesn’t mean I’m wrong, it simply means I am human. This doesn’t give me the right to discriminate against other who believe differently, it simply means I want to be respected for my beliefs, and in turn, respect others for what they belief, I don’t respect the belief, I respect someones ability to belief.

Should beliefs be disregarded because they are antiquated? I don’t believe so. People believe in many things, some seem traditional, others liberal, the important thing in this is to simply believe in something. Is someone less humane for believing one way or another, again, I don’t believe so, the important thing, in being human, is simply to believe.

Now, with that being said, I am a believer in Christ – I don’t believe government, or any man made institution holds the answer or the keys to moral relevance. However, these institutions are the boundaries in which we find ourselves as humanity. There are laws I don’t agree with, yet, I find no law in this country (the United States) that forces me to go gainst my personal structure of belief. No government or institution is FORCING me to sin by following the law. Unfortunately, people do live in countries where institutions force them to chose, I am blessed not to live in one of those countries. Whether or not I support gay marriage or not is not the issue, no one is forcing me to marry a man. Whether or not I am pro-choice or pro-life is not the issue, no one is forcing me to have an abortion. What is the issue is whether or not I am allowed to believe one way or the other, and whether or not I chose to discriminate against those who believe in a different way then I do.

Christ did not come into this world to condemn it… key, the world has already condemned itself. He came to this world to save it, through love and self sacrifice. He didn’t discriminate against those who held different beliefs, nor did he hate those who hated him. He loved them, and in the end, forgave even those who put Him to death. Without love and belief, no one who calls themselves a Christian can expect to walk in the salvation Christ came to bring to the world. Without these things, we become no better then the pharisees who taught the law and belief through fear. God does not bring condemnation, humanity does, this is why I believe that society struggles to find a fairness and an equality in all things – it is trying to bring a balance to an imbalance that has existed since sin came into the world through its own nature.

I do not fault the world for being the world, nor do I fault humanity for being humanity. They will be what they will be, they will always search for a salvation that will not, and cannot ever be, final and fulfilling. What I do fault is the secondary nature of bringing humanity and the world into our own, as believers in Christ, operating procedure. I do not expect the world or humanity to ever respond in love and true tolerance, but I do expect Body of Christ to respond as the Head did. That does not mean “accepting” sin or immorality, but on the contrary, loving those, who like us, are sinners


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