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The State of Today

Every morning we wake to a barrage of news that seems to shock, appall and overwhelm us. This current election cycle in the United States has seemed to take that reality and skyrocketed this barrage to an entire different level. We wake up to what Donald Trump said years ago, what he allegedly did years ago, and the same goes for Hillary Clinton. Somehow, through it all, we find ourselves amazed at these revelations and accusations. My question is, why are we so surprised?

We live in a society that embraces the embraceable criminal, the morally grey hero – the people that we know are bad, but we still feel for them. We see it in our television, our music, movies, literature – even in our religion. We laud TV shows such as the Sopranos and Game of Thrones – we love heroes from comic books who are far from perfect – we embrace music that follows the outcast, the wanderer. We eat up the story of the underdog who has to do whatever it takes to come out on top. We hate weak characters – we despise characters who get pushed out of windows, forced to be dragged away into the wilderness – and in the same turn, embrace the sadistic murderer who is only that way because he was a bastard (I know – only and last Game of Thrones reference.) The point is, we like to ignore the innocent and follow the sinner – simply because the sinner’s story is more interesting, more fun – it encompasses the dreams of adventure that many of us share – and because of this, we have the state of today.

Donald Trump is a bad guy. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward. You would have to be blind not to see it. He cares for no one but himself – no one, not his current wife, not his ex-wives, not his children, not his employees – certainly not this country. He is a man who has to win, or at least be in the spot light. When he does inevitably lose, he will only blame other, not himself. He doesn’t care about abortion, gay rights – I don’t even think he cares about Islam and Mexicans to be honest – its all a game.

Hillary Clinton is a bad woman. She lies – again, obvious. She is an elitist socialite. Like Trump, she seems to only care about herself. Her marriage only remains for herself – President Clinton’s penance if you will – so she can rise to the top and become President of the United States. She doesn’t care about the middle class. She doesn’t care about people who live a homosexual lifestyle. She doesn’t care if you get your food stamps or not – your healthcare or not. She only cares about power, just as Trump does, and again, its all a game.

Its the House of Cards meets Game of Thrones and the ironic thing is, if this WAS a TV show, we would eat it up. We would be wondering what will happen in the next debate. Will he bed that new intern? Will she come out of the closet once she is nominated? What video will come out next? What statement will come out next? It would be a hit. It would have better ratings then anything out today. We would wake up Monday mornings and talk at the coffee counter. Part of me wishes I would have thought of this concept for a show… sadly, it is our reality.

We live in a dangerous world, where both of our candidates for President of the United States are not only unfit for the office, but are not respected in their work place, i.e. the world as a whole. We have accepted this state of affairs because we have been conditioned to think it is okay to behave the way these two people do. Obviously, we pick sides, and are then appalled at our friends who choose the opposite side. in the end, the result is the same, and because we blind ourselves with our love of fictitious delights,  we cannot see the darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, I’m cynical. I do not believe, regardless of who gets elected president, that anything will change for the better – it will be more of the same. For those on the political Right – there will still be same-sex marriage, legal abortion, decriminalization of drugs, high crime, etc. For those on the Left – we will still have the poor, the middle class will continue to suffer, racism and bigotry will still exist, education will still be dismal, etc. I feel sorry for the people who actually put their hope in a political candidate. Check that, no I don’t, let’s be honest, we have been bred in this country to do just that, and it is our own fault. We have accepted it as the norm – we even like the game. We live in our own TV show, our own piece of literature that we wake up to every morning.

My hope is that we don’t wake up one morning to a war zone. From #blacklivesmatter / #alllivesmatter, to radical terrorists, to Russia – we may have our “24” moment (you know, that nuclear device going off in LA). It could be a simple matter of one thing, or a compilation of many, but we are headed to destruction, and our political environment is not a cause or a symptom, but just another story line in the game that we live in. i don’t know about you, but I have a family – a wife, children, a house, a job, friends and hobbies that I would like to have continue. I have a way of life that I enjoy most of the time, take for granted the rest of the time, and I would like it to continue. Like many of you, I enjoy those TV shows, those books, those “heroes” I mentioned before – however, I do not like living that story. This game that we have created needs to end before it ruins us all. We have to stop being so surprised when our reality matches the prevalent fantasy of our society.


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