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Why No One (Who Matters) Cares

Okay, a lot of people care, yet, the reality is that no one really does – at least in regards to the 2016 Election. One one side you have Donald Trump, on the other is Hillary Clinton, and in the middle is people who no one has really heard of, or in some cases, haven’t heard of anything outside their own personal bubble, Aleppo anyone?

To those who do care, to those who think that it actually matters who is elected President of the United States, lets clear one thing up, in reality, it really doesn’t. For the Republicans – can you honestly tell me that Donald Trump gives a damn about abortion, same, sex marriages or anything else in the conservative social agenda? Likewise, does Hillary Clinton care either? The answer is simple – no. Yes, they say what they say, but only to get support and votes. Nothing will change… NOTHING, you heard it here first.

We know Donald trump is a racist and a liar. We know Hillary Clinton is politically corrupt and a liar – we know both of them are seedy individuals who are only out for themselves. Yet thousands go out in support of both of them on a daily basis, spouting insane support for people who give two you know whats less.

These people believe their voice matters, that their vote matters – when in truth, no one cares. I read conservative friends on Facebook with their posts praising Trump, saying he is our only hope, saying he will appoint the right judges to the Supreme Court. No one cares. I read my liberal friends Twitter praising Clinton, saying how she will fight for the middle class and the poor, how she will ensure women’s rights. No one cares. I read conservative bloggers who spout off how corrupted Trump is. No one cares. i read liberal news papers who state fact after fact demonizing Clinton. No one cares. Actors, actresses, reporters, preachers, columnists, bloggers, friends all have opinions, and still, no one cares.

If this election has done anything it has shown that America truly is a bread basket when it comes to opinions, ideologies and philosophical thought. It has shown how polarized we can become, no matter what the truth is, because no one care about the truth, we only care about an agenda. I have not deleted anyone from any of my friends list because of their political views, because come the middle of November, and the middle of February, it will still be the same as it was 4 years ago. you support Trump? I think you may be an idiot, but in truth, I don’t care. You support Clinton, again, I may think you are foolish, but in the end, I don’t care. The truth is that both of these people are terrible. Both for this country and for the world. Both have purposely polarized the political and national landscape for their own agendas.

Donald Trump is right, the elections are rigged. Not by the media, not be the political parties, but by the process itself. Hillary Clinton is right, Trump is not fit to be President of the United State, but neither is she. Sadly, it appears there is no good option, but as history often tells us, this happens more often then not. And its not just the Office of the President, it is the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Supreme court, local and state leadership – the whole system is rigged against the people who support it. Politics is a disease that has infected society ever since someone put themselves over someone else – Democracy or not, the body is infected, and no one cares. In fact, instead of caring and trying to cure the disease, we all feed it and help it thrive.

To those who claim to be patriots, you are not. To those who claim to be revolutionists, you are not. You are all just human beings on this planet –  in this country – that feeds the disease. In this, no one cares.



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