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The Day After Tomorrow

Wednesday morning Americans will wake up with a new President-Elect. Though there may be legal challenges, the truth will still remain, it will be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as next President of the United States. People who go to work today, and who go to work tomorrow, will also still go to work on Wednesday – unless of course it is their time off. Pay roll will still go out, people will still log hours in at work or home. In other words, life will go on.

We all have our reasons for voting for one or the other, or for one of the third part candidates, or in a lot of case, simply not voting at all. We are well within out rights as American citizens to do as we please. In the end, the point is, regardless of who wins, for most Americans it will be business as usual.

Pro-Life activists will still have their marches, Pro-LGBT activists will still have their marches – in other words, regardless of the stance either one of the candidates have, ultimately, the results will be the same. Yes, we may have a harsher environment for immigrants in this country, or we may have a more reasonable response from the government. However, Mexican-Americans and other Latinos will still be looked down upon, Muslim-Americans will still be given the evil eye. African Americans will still be killed on the street – both by police officers and themselves. The poor will still be poor, the homeless will still be homeless, and the hungry will still be hungry. Babies will still be aborted, legally for that matter. People will still be on death row. Homosexuals will still be sneered at. In other words, the sanctity of life itself – in its entirety, will not be respected, not in this country, regardless of your views.

The same people who march for unborn children will deride homosexuals and Muslims in this country. The same people who will push for homosexual rights will be the ones standing up for abortion and euthanasia. Granted, this is a broad stroke with a broad paint brush, yet the simple truth remains – this attitude will prevail in the United States. Hate is our only response to anything that happens, or at least, that is the perception. We are a country fueled by both hate and fear, and ultimately that will lead to our demise.

Both main candidates for President of the United States are liars, cheats, greedy and non-transparent. Some one told me to “vote my conscience,” unfortunately, my conscience says no to both. Yet, here we are, with two candidates who are unworthy to hold office of any kind with leagues of supporters and sycophants. I don’t know how to explain it, I can only think that the overall attitude of this country is the cause. We have been hurt, bruised and beaten, and in turn we have dished out more then we have received. We have returned violence for violence, hate for hate, we have taken an eye for an eye, and I doubt we will change. It is the nature of the beast. What sickens me is that we can take one issue or another and claim that either one of these candidates for office truly mean anything for that cause. But we are only human, and we, like most people, are easily swayed buy sweet words and fear mongering. We are easily blinded by the stalemate that has become America.

Those of us who are religious, particularly of the Christian persuasion, tend to think that we are a Christian nation – or at least founded on those principles. I fear, once again, we have been blinded by patriotic cause. We have taken an unfounded lie and made it our rallying cry. We are a nation of reaction – and most recently in our history, a nation of preemptive action. This is most un-Christ like. Those of us of a more human philosophical persuasion would like to claim we are being progressive, yet we digress into a state of fear and hate at every turn. The United States may be great in comparison to some, but the honest truth is we are not great at all. We are just another country fueled by a society that feeds on fear, hate and selfishness. In that sense, whoever is elected, we get who we deserve.

History and human nature tells us we will fail in the end. No society has risen beyond its means, and it does not appear that the United States will be any different. As the country that we are, regardless of who is elected, we NEED war, hate, and fear. We need pride – without it the hunger will grow to starvation. Unfortunately, with these things we only doom ourselves.

When we wake up on Wednesday morning, nothing will have changed. Some people will have hope, others will not – it will be more of the same. The only difference is that, no matter who is slated to be sworn in to the highest office of the land, we will continue on the road that we have been on since the beginning.



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