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Waking From the American Dream

It feels like a hangover. Watching the news today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, it feels like something from a Stephen King novel, or worse, a George R.R. Martin one. I realized, as I looked into the mirror that the American Dream was just that, a dream, and our reality is much bleaker then we could have ever imagined. America is dead, it has fallen, and I don’t see Jesus coming to the grave side, telling the world to roll away the stone so he can call it back to life. See, the USA was never Jesus’ friend, and the USA never looked to Jesus for salvation.

The problem is Donald J. Trump, it wasn’t Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush or Ronald Reagan. The problem has never been who is President of the United States, the problem has always been the people. The Founding Fathers knew this to be the case, thus the implemented, in vain, a thing called the Electoral College, which for the most part has been unwavering, but has seemed to be more of a failure of late. We, the people, lock onto one issue – this has always been the case, from Federal power, to slavery, to the economy, to abortion, to same-sex marriage, to refugees – and we batten down the hatches, stick to our guns, and we march, or post on Facebook, we tweet, we judge and we fight, because our man or woman supports the one thing that is important to us – damn the rest of the world and the rest of the issues. As long as homosexuals can get married, who cares about civilians in Syria? As long as abortion stops, who cares about jobs and the economy? See, it is not a president issue, it is a people issue, and whether we like to admit it or not, we care more about our own “gofund me” then we do the reality in which we live in.

We sleep in the bed in which we made – yep, we, all of us. No, you may not have voted for Trump, but you are responsible for him. You, me, the guy on the bus, the preacher on TV, Madonna – yes, even her, we are responsible for President Trump. It’s not complicated – I promise – our own ideology and faith in the government has enabled a) the government to predominate our society and b) ultimate power over our thought process. Next, our reliance on one issue enables one issue to be put as the lighthouse that guides the thoughts of many people, thus leading a ship to shore but ignoring the tsunami that was chasing it. See, in the end, no matter what your issue is, it is being used for political gain and power. Example – Abortion is at its lowest levels since Roe v. Wade, yet Trump gained support from those who are anti-abortion, which helped his election cause. Refugees be damned, because the unborn are being killed at an alarming rate. Yet, that rate is the lowest today since abortion was made legal, and all of these pro-life people are in now turning their backs to people are are actually in need – their life depending on it, and they are giddy, because Trump cut off funding to International Planned Parenthood. Likewise, Obama ushered in rights for same-ex couples, all the while blowing up people in the Middle East, staying in perpetual war and, lets be honest, doing some of the same things, or at least putting the steps in place for Trump, that Trump is doing now. But its okay, George Takei was able to get married to his long time partner (I love George btw), and who cares about people in Syria anyways… wait, that sounds familiar. Domestic issues do matter – and I know people on both sides of these, and many other issues. My point is, focusing on one issue and damning everything else to hell is not the way to go about business. Unfortunately, this is the American way.

In a country where the “right” cares only about abortion and where the “left” only cares about same-sex rights, we fail to see the big picture. First, obviously many people on both sides care about more then these target issues, but these issues dominate the headlines and force us to pay attention, all the while real problems emerge, whether it is human right abuses, terrorism, war, and poverty. To those who see Trump as a savior because he will appoint a conservative justice to the Supreme Court, reality check, it wont make any difference. Likewise, those who saw Obama as a savior because he issued in universal healthcare, it caused just as many problems as it did bring solutions. Neither of these men are saviors – it doesn’t mean they are bad, though the jury is still out for Trump, it just means they are human beings, with personal ambitions and desires. Though I feel like Obama had more empathy with humanity then Trump does, I do not feel that either one of them, or any of the past presidents, where there for the common person, but more so for their own ideological purpose and to shape the government in the image that they desired. In this, we are responsible for the “Jesus” syndrome that has infected this country – where we feel that one man is the answer, one man can solve all of the problems that we have either created ourselves, or allowed to be created. Yet, we refuse to see that the real issue is us, the citizens of this country – it is us that hold on to racial prejudice, it is us looking to game the system for our own benefit, it is us that puts our own feelings and issues above everyone else (of course, finding like minded individuals is a plus). It is us who throw bottles and trash cans through windows, it is us who decide to blatantly disregard people who do not think or feel like us. It is us who bully and demean. It is us who do not take responsibility for ourselves.

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States is our president, and we must own it, all of us. For better or worse, he is there because of us, as a whole. To survive, we most throw off the arrogance that has invaded the political arena of the United States. We must humble ourselves, take responsibility, and see beyond the cover of the book. The American Dream was a dream that brought people to this country for a better life. Unfortunately, many people wake up to find themselves in a hell that was no better then where they came from.


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