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The Game

Politics has always been about politicians.

That statement is not revolutionary, and I will not bore you with historical facts or even current events, it is just a simple fact – a reality if you will.

Politicians need politics just  as we need the air that we breathe.

Again, not a revolutionary statement. I will not bore you with the science behind breathing – just try not to, and you will understand how much politicians need politics.

The political game has always had its own best interests at heart. To survive, it needs players and an audience – a crowd of fans for two teams (sometimes more). Like a football game, or a soccer match, the ball goes back and forth. Each team typically scores points, there is rarely a shutout. The game is played daily. Often, as in baseball, there are double headers. Rarely is there rain outs. Sometimes the left wins, sometimes the right. Everyone who plays gets paid. The ones who pay that bill are those who watch, the ones who cheer and jeer.

We pay good money too – We send in donations during the off-season, which is more akin to NASCAR’s silly season – not really off, and always just as entertaining. We pledge our love in rallies and parades. We pay extra for more news channels, we get multiple papers and have multiple subscriptions to online media – all who pay into the coffers of the game’s participants – often to both sides as well. Our cars wear banners of support and disdain, our bodies where t-shirts, hats and hoodies. We place standards in our yards, especially as the event’s championships loom on the horizon.

To their credit, politicians – right, left and middle – play the game well. They have to, or they will be let go for the next rising star. They make mistakes, but as long as someone makes a bigger one – or a cataclysm occurs, they are generally safe to continue their careers. In theory, these players bear a great responsibility, they shoulder the weight of an entire people. The reality, however, is that they are all in if for themselves, caring only to be able to play in the next season, and not only play, but to be the biggest star they can be. There is a sense of teamwork, but in the end, it is the individual that matters – the superstar that gets all the glory, or in turn, takes the fall, for their sides victory or defeat.

We eat it up – we claim we are tired of politicians and politics. We claim we only want solutions and what is best for our country, and yet, we still wear our teams colors with pride. We still wear our favorite players jersey on our backs, and their banner is still on our car. For those who have lost, we wear it as a badge of honor to have supported the one who we believe would have fixed us, if they would have only won. For those who have won, it is a badge of victory, rubbing our opponents noses in that fact that our guy or gal won, and to the victor goes the spoils.

Unfortunately, the spoils only goes to the victor, and not to those who support the team. Just like with Super Bowl rings, New England Patriot fans only get the glory of victory for a year – there is no ring, there is no trophy, there is just memes a bout how the Atlanta Falcons choked and the Patriots rose to the occasion. Likewise, President Trump’s supporters have gotten nothing in return, except the ability to revel in the choking of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the last week of the 2016 election.

When I say that the people have gotten nothing, that is exactly what I mean. Nothing. Nada, zilch – just more of the game, just more entertainment, just one more step closer to the apocalypse. Not that i suspect we would have been terribly better off if the end result of the 2016 election would have been different, the game doesn’t chose sides, it is the spectators that do.

The game will be the death of us as a nation. Not climate change, not war, not racism, not even ignorance – the game is the root of all of these and how it effects our society today. The game feeds off division, feeds of partisan rhetoric, all the while enriching those who play it, and leaving those who feed on it destitute. It’s like candy – makes us feel good, but in the end leaves us low and fat, dependent on its sugar rush, and leaving us wanton for more as we begin to run low in our supply.

I am not a liberal or conservative. I do have my own values – my own beliefs, my own morality that has been shaped in my 37 years of existence. I am far from perfect, but then again, I have never claimed to be. I don’t believe in the game – I don’t believer one man or woman, or even one party can fix a broken people, a people that are like a drug addict when it comes to politics and it machine. The answer will not be found on CNN or Fox News, nor will the answer be found in a voting booth. i don’t claim to know the answer, but it should be blatantly obvious it will not be found there. What i believe is this, the answer must be found within ourselves to rise up beyond the game itself, to unite ourselves for the cause of humanity, and not the cause of a political party or a political platform. We must rise above our disagreements – noticing that we all have different creeds, different backgrounds and different ideas of right and wrong – and pull our support for the game in its entirety.

What does that mean? I do not know to be honest. Though I often find myself not agreeing with President Trump, one thing he said was clearly the truth, at least in its words, and that is we must “drain the swamp.” Unfortunately, he, like most politicians, are just as swamp infested as the rest of them.

The end game of politics is death – if you want proof, there are plenty of history books to look at. From Julius Caesar, to Charlemagne, to the modern world, politics has always brought destruction, never salvation.


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