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Just A Little Bit Inside…

Attack me… come on, throw a punch. Tell me I’m stupid and ignorant. Tell me I’m a fool. tell me my ideology is baseless and wrong. Go ahead, throw that punch. Tell me I’m foolish in believing a certain way, bash me, kick me, throw me into the street.

Now, stand there while I beat your ass, call you a fool, stupid and ignorant. Let me tell you how my god is better then yours, and my politician is more right then yours. Let me tell you how my ideology actually cares. Let me stew in my own stupidity, likewise, I will let you cook in yours.

American Politics at its core.

Let me tell you a story… someone makes a Facebook post about how bad so and so is. Someone immediately steps in to defend that so and so and all hell breaks lose. Who was right? In the end it doesn’t matter, in fact, in the end, the original message was probably lost. Let me tell you another story… someone posts on twitter a quote or a comment from someone – a truthful quote, something someone said, in context. It becomes the most liked and retweeted tweet in history, as well as the most reviled. All it was was a quote.

Some of these fights are more epic then any Muhammad Ali boxing match, more nail biting the the back nine at the Masters on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, no one involved in the actual fighting wins, only the ideologies that caused it in the first place. “Truth!!!” you exclaim, yet it continues and goes on, because we love a good fight.

Why do you watch NASCAR, it sure as hell isn’t the racing, its the wrecks. My kids love the wrecks. What’s better then a bench clearing brawl in baseball. Nothing, especially if our team is losing. Hockey? A good fist to cuffs. Boxing and MMA speak for themselves. We love violence. Not because of movies, video games and books, we simply love discord (not the chatting app), we love fights, we love strife. In that we have our answer for why there is confusion and division among us. Why religious people can say the devil is at work, and why politicians can say we need to have change (as in their party coming to power). Yet, in the end, no matter how many demons you cast out, or who is in power, the truth is nothing ever changes. Why? Because no matter how peaceful we claim to be, we are all warmongers.

It starts in childhood. My kids fight for the sake of doing it alone. No real reason at all. Sure, one may have taken a Lego or a book, but the real reason is they like it. It continues through out life – to sports and academics, to marriage and other relationships, even in death, most of us love to fight. Competition is a good thing, do not get me wrong. Fighting can be a good thing as well, there is a time a place for it. That time and place for it in today’s society has been lost. Every word, Facebook post, tweet, Instagram picture is a battleground. Every YouTube video is a call out for war. Every media outlet, every book, movie, video game calls out for blood, and it is our own fault. If we did not crave bloodshed, other people would stop trying to provide it.

I’m not saying be a pacifist, what I am saying is realize why you are actually fighting. Ask yourself, what the $%#@ am I doing here (symbols for my mother… see, I am picking my battles – for those not in the know, it was my first swear word at age 6, starts with F and rhymes with truck). Ask yourself, “is it worth it.” Ask yourself, “will it change anything.” Most importantly, ask yourself, “am I really right?” If the answer is no to any of those questions, your fighting is worthless. Your words and actions mean nothing. Yep, total waste of $%#@^&* time. Trust me, I’m married and I know this well (still doesn’t resonate 100%, again, trust me, feel free to ask my beautiful and loving wife).

On a recent comment on a post of mine, someone wrote that “two wrongs do not make a right.” This is probably the most important lesson someone can learn. Just because you know you are right, doesn’t mean you should go into a fight simply for the sake of fighting. No matter how much blood lust you have, it usually doesn’t end well. You may even think you have won, but in reality you end up looking like everyone else who thought like you. In the end you end up simply being a root for the division that already exists in our culture. You end up becoming part of the problem.

The division in our country, and in truth, our entire planet, cannot be solved by fighting. First, no one person or one country is powerful enough to conquer all. Only love can conquer all things in the right way (1 Cor. 13), and likewise, only hate can conquer all things the wrong way. Yes, I used the Bible for reference, simply because in truth it is spot on, no matter what your beliefs or ideology is. I may not love you, but I love humanity enough to respect your opinions. Question then becomes will you do the same. It has to go both ways, if not, the division continues. Love doesn’t mean agreement., it means respect. I commands rational discussion. It demands that we actually listen to one another versus picking up a sword. Love demands we no longer hate. Doesn’t mean we like each other, but it means I recognize your right to be. You don’t have to be religious to love. you don’t have to be liberal either. You don’t have to believe in God. You don’t have to believe in the United States. You don’t have to agree to love, only accept the difference.

Love versus hate is something I do believe is worth fighting for. i would love to see more “kittens” on my Facebook wall versus what I see now. I know liberals don’t agree with me, and I know conservatives don’t either. I know liberals hate Trump without having to see a million memes telling me. Likewise, I know conservatives hate Obama without even turning on my phone. I know some people believe the earth is flat, and some believe because of climate change we will all be dead in a decade. I know some people like LGBT people and some people are against abortion. I know some people put faith and trust in the God of their beliefs, others think god is a fairy tale. Its okay, all your like minded friends know it as well, and so do your friends who think your views are wrong. Newsflash time: You posts change nothing and no one. In fact, typically it only furthers the arguments and the division. (see note)

To end – I don’t expect to change anyone by what i wrote here, all I ask is you give it fair thought.

Note: I am not saying do not post political stuff – all I am asking is that before you do, think about why you are doing it. What is the purpose? What is the point?


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