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The Clueless

Over the past week I have been reminded of a movie I watched a few months ago, “The Arrival” starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. The premise of the movie is that aliens have come suddenly to earth and are trying to communicate with humanity. Humanity, since there are many cultural and social difference among us, each interprets what the aliens are trying to say and do differently. In the end, because of how the aliens think, Amy Adam’s character is able to figure it all out – essentially seeing time itself (past, present and future) and realizes that the aliens are trying to save humanity. I liked the movie, though some of my friends prefer movies like Alien: Covenant, and I appreciated its message overall. However, what reminded me off the movie was the sudden information sharing blackout between ALL nations, allies and enemies alike, at a certain part of the movie. This not only caused a major headache, but could have led to true disaster in apocalyptic proportions.

Today, it is being reported that the Prime Minister of Great Britain is now going to carefully assess intelligence information before she allows it to be disseminated abroad – in other words, to the United States. This is because over the past week or so, the President of the United States has shared seemingly classified information from foreign sources without permission. First, to Russia concerning information on ISIS, and then to the media in regards to the attacks in Manchester. On top of this, the media is reporting that the President shared information with the Philippine’s President concerning movements of US nuclear ships. Whether the President of the United States is justified in these “leaks” or not, doesn’t matter, the perception is that the President has loose lips, and anyone who served in the Marine Corps (as I did) or the Navy knows “loose lips sink ships.”

We have discussed at length the game that politics is, and up until now, the game has more or less stayed the same. On a foreign level, no matter who was president, the statud quo remained. We supported our allies, we tread carefully with those who could put us in danger, and since Iraq and Afghanistan, have been afraid to involve ourselves in a localized war = preferring mostly to conduct no fly zones, arms shipments, and supporting from the sidelines – very reminiscent of Vietnam after the Korean War. Yet, here we are now, 100+ days into President Trump’s reign and we have sent missiles into Syria, North Korea has had two successful launches, terrorists who claim to fight under the banner of Islam has successfully (and allegedly) carried out a successful attack in Great Britain, and the US government, under the direction of the President (seemingly) has shared information with powers that are not necessarily our allies – both Russia and the media alike.

So, what is going on?

The perception is that the government of the United States is incompetent, at best, traitorous at worst. Perception, however, does not always fit the reality. Conspiracy theorists see diversionary tactics at every turn – from Russia, to North Korea, to Confederate monuments being taken down – something, somewhere is seen as diversionary. The media jumps from one story to another without sharing any real new information, and yet we still eat it up, all the while our friends are telling us that the media is corrupt. The “Game” is in full swing it seems – we are in the 9th inning, the last half of the 4th quarter, and though it may be possible for us to have a walk off home run or a successful Hail Mary, the final score doesn’t feel to be in doubt.

We sit on a precipice of of both global unification and destruction, and it is my feeling that what we see today is no where near what we will wake up to tomorrow. I do not believe the President of the United States is incompetent, though I do believe his strings may be being pulled by people behind the scenes. i believe the true diversion is the ones that make us focus on one person – whether it be President Bush’s speech impediment, President Obama’s birth certificate or President Trump’s loss of vocabulary. With that, we have things like the Iraq War (Bush), Benghazi (Obama) and now Russia (Trump) that fill our news feeds so we miss the whole truth. not that these things were not and re not important – they are, but i feel somewhere along the line we are missing what really matters – the real truth beyond the perception that is given to us by a media that cares more for numbers and glory then actually informing the people.

This, of course, goes back to the game and the hijacking of our beliefs by those in control over us – whether it be politicians, academics or the media. We sit glued to the screen being filled with same “information” over and over without really seeing what is going on, and though we can blame the media, or we can blame the government, in the end, it is our fault for allowing our beliefs to be taken from us and used, as well as having the truth hidden from us.

We have become a society driven and reliant on media – whether it is social media or news apps – for all of our information without having the slightest clue of how to actually research and study. Because of this, everything mentioned above is allowed to carry on without the slightest bit of resistance.

I mentioned the movie the “Arrival” and the information blackout. in part this was due to the idea that allies will no longer want to share information with the United States. However, mainly because of how we get information ourselves, we have put ourselves in an information blackout. We would rather believe and trust those who are like minded versus listening to those who are not. If we are conservative, we watch Fox News and listen to people who espouse conservative ideas – likewise, if we are liberal we watch MSNBC and listen to people who are equally leftist. I don’t know how to quantify those who trust CNN… but the same idea applies. When someone offends our beliefs, our first reaction is to attack, for no other reason then because someone made a comment that we believe is wrong. We do this instead of discuss and then wonder why no one gives a shit what we think. We do this and think we actually made a difference, when in fact we did nothing but make ourselves appear the fool. I would argue that we do not only appear to be foolish, but we act it, and in turn become clueless to the reality that is before us. Whether it is religion, science or politics, we must stop attacking and condemning, and we must stand together in unity of our differences. Otherwise we remain is spectators of the game.

Closing thought – “American Gods” is a new TV show on Starz that essentially says that “gods” are created by those who worship them, and when people start to forget those gods that were worshiped before, they lose power and eventually die out. The premise of the show, and the book of the same name, is the war between the old gods and the new for dominance, but also for the survival of the old gods themselves.  If we continue to worship our faith in men and their ideals, they will continue to hold power and sway over us. It is not until we realize that they, like us, are simply human, will we be able to rise above our pettiness. My ideas, beliefs and convictions may be right, but they are still no better then yours. Right doesn’t mean better if I am perceived to be an arrogant warmonger on social media or anywhere else. All it means is that the status quo, the slavery to politics and partisan idea structures, will persist.


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