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The Foolish Freedom

I am beginning to wonder about the place of humanity, as a whole, on this planet. Whether you believe in evolution or not, whether you believe in a scientific or religious beginning for humanity, or both, the evidence that humanity is tearing itself apart, along with everything around it, is pretty clear. It is clear that humanity has progressed from its humble beginnings thousands upon thousands of years ago, and it is also clear that since that time, with that progression, not much has really changed.

We still hate those who have more success then us – whether we use Cain and Able as an example, or whether we use Julius Caesar and the Roman Senate as one, the result is the same, we kill our own kindred for our own advancement. We do this both physically and mentally, without hesitation, without remorse.

I have often that that reason, above all else, would prosper in some way through a rational discourse of both present and historical facts, but that is not really the case. Whether it is politically left leaning politicians promoting violence against an elected leader, or vice-versa, a politically right leaning musician doing the same, nothing ever changes. The same can be said for religious institutions, academic institutions, political institutions – there is always an agenda, there is always an enemy – and that enemy must be defeated at all cost. Consequences, in the end, do not matter. Those who suffer, whether it be those used to instigate hatred, or those caught in the cross fire, do not matter, they are simply cannon fodder to the greater glory of the cause.

As a human being, my heart urges me to resist the stupidity that has gripped us, not only as a nation in the United States, but a people as a whole. As a person who is a Roman Catholic, attempting to live a Christian life, my soul urges me to be more contemplative, to simply pray for those who has authority over this nation and others. My mind, however, is overwhelmed by the sheer wantonness that it sees displayed on a daily basis. I have seen friends, family and acquaintances become politically and religiously unbalanced, allowing politics to intrude on religion, and allowing religion to become politics. Two wrongs do not make a right, and oil and water do not mix, yet here we are.

The truth is, I don’t care what you think, nor do you care what I think, but here we are. Entrenched in a moral relativism that blinds us to reality, surging us forward in convictions that, in the end, make no sense. We end up caring for some and despising others, because that is the way of the world. It is right, in our own eyes, and we gravitate to like minded individuals, instead of allowing ourselves to be challenged. When we are challenged, and rightfully so, whether we are right or wrong, we use the power of the cursor and the keyboard, erasing the commentary, and belittling those who feel different from us. There reasons do not matter, for we are right, they are wrong, therefore ignorant.

In this attitude of self-righteousness, we stare in wonder at how stupid people are. We ask, “how is this possible, how do you not see?” We ask this as we, ourselves, are also blind to truth, even if what covers our eyes is real. We allow ourselves to be distracted, we claim superiority because of our experience, or because of our god, or because of our knowledge, and in the same breath discredit anyone who thinks differently. We only care for the end game, never the struggle to get there. We forget we ourselves were once stupid, ignorant and foolish. We forget from where we came, and in doing so, alienate everyone who is different.

There is no absolute truth in human philosophy except that we are human, therefore we err in some way, no matter how right we may be. Perfection is an illusion that is gilded in numbers – “more people think the way I do, so I must be right.” We celebrate the amount of followers we have while forgetting that the most important people in history had more detractors then they did those who loved them. We celebrate the famous, for no other reason then they have a pretty smile and pretty eyes, and in that, they must have wisdom. We beg for attention, we grovel for love, in in that we lose our humanity, becoming a cog in the machine, a machine bent on destruction of thought, destruction of ideas, destruction of what makes us human.

Free will is the enemy. The very foundation of this country and what many believe to be human rights is the evil that this way of life seeks to destroy. Instead of promoting freedom, instead of giving a choice, the immediate reaction is to restrict this for the sake of the “greater good.” It is only logical that the strong survive and the weak do not, even though it is in weakness that we truly see humanity. Thus, the conclusion is that humanity, as we know it, is wrong, for it is weak, and must be purged. if that is the truth, then we are doing well on that journey.

I believe weakness is what makes us great, for in our weakness we must let go of our pride and turn to others. A “self made man” is not self made at all, for one cannot survive alone, no matter what literature tells us. Jesus and Muhammad had their disciples, Julius Caesar had his armies. We all need someone, and in most cases, a lot of someones. We cannot continue to look solely within ourselves, we must look to others, and in doing so, we must accept others, most importantly, those who do not share our own philosophy. If there is no challenge, there is no growth. If there is no growth, there is no life.

Unfortunately, humanity feels the need to condemn freedom of thought, for again, those who think differently are simply wrong, and therefore must be silenced, or at the very least shamed. There is a reason why Jesus said call no man fool (Matthew 5:22), for it only serves to demean and enrage the opposite party. It serves on condemnation and hate, it serves only to restrict freedom of thought. It also only serves to fill up our own pride and arrogance towards those who think differently. It produces only rotten fruit.

One may think that this serves the greater good, but it does not. It only serves conflict, and sadly, conflict is what we have at present. The only ways to end conflict is through superior power or through concession. Let that sink in when you look at both the United States and the world today. The only path to a good end is through discussion, and that discussion has to go both ways. Again, let that sink in when you look out your window or as you look at the news. We have a choice, we can continue to flash severed heads and nooses, or we can sit down together and break bread. The choice is ours, the responsibility is ours, the end result is on our own heads.



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