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The Day After Tomorrow

Wednesday morning Americans will wake up with a new President-Elect. Though there may be legal challenges, the truth will still remain, it will be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as next President of the United States. People who go to work today, and who go to work tomorrow, will also still go to work… Continue reading The Day After Tomorrow

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The State of Today

Every morning we wake to a barrage of news that seems to shock, appall and overwhelm us. This current election cycle in the United States has seemed to take that reality and skyrocketed this barrage to an entire different level. We wake up to what Donald Trump said years ago, what he allegedly did years… Continue reading The State of Today

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A Christian Nation

I find myself in a country large, cultured and full of religious – Christian – thought. Churches are everywhere, pastors and other clergymen are respected, even called upon by the government for advice and prayer. There are Christian symbols all around me, the language used in this countries documents mark a deep influence by Christianity.… Continue reading A Christian Nation

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The Problem of Belief

I was raised to be a Christian. My rearing began in Protestantism and eventually led me to Catholicism, on a path that seems to be pretty straight forward, but in truth was very roundabout. I was born to a Methodist minister who was ordained in the midst of the Charismatic renewal in the United Methodist… Continue reading The Problem of Belief