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A Christian Nation

I find myself in a country large, cultured and full of religious – Christian – thought. Churches are everywhere, pastors and other clergymen are respected, even called upon by the government for advice and prayer. There are Christian symbols all around me, the language used in this countries documents mark a deep influence by Christianity.… Continue reading A Christian Nation

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The Trashing of the Vanities

Five hundred and eighteen years ago, on February 7, 1497, a Dominican priest named Savonarola, conducted the “Bonfire of the Vanities” in Florence, Italy to destroy what he called the excesses of humanity – in other words, objects such as books, art and the like that did not meet with the lifestyle of poverty and… Continue reading The Trashing of the Vanities

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Are We Barbarians?

“Bar bar bar,” so the Romans heard when they encountered Germanic tribes, hence the word Barbarian. The term has been defined as a person who is dirty, uncivilized, violent, uncouth, etc… Ironically, historically we can look at the Romans and say the same things… the difference was technology. Has anything really changed? We are still… Continue reading Are We Barbarians?

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Are We Alone? – The answer of mythology

I just finished watching “Thor,” (2011). First, I loved it, second, it made me think back to a debate in a classical mythology class… what made these people believe these things? In the Book of Daniel, in the Biblical Old Testament, Daniel is waiting for an answer from God for 30 days, and finally, Gabriel,… Continue reading Are We Alone? – The answer of mythology